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Do not be Afraid — I am With you

By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

shirdi_saiSwami has a strange way of communicating with His children. At times, he grants visions while at other times he communicates via thoughts, books, or any other form He may deem appropriate. One thing that is sure about these communications, though, is that the devotee will always recognize these communications as direct hints from Swami. The heart just knows when that happens.

During a recent visit to India, I had the opportunity to experience Swami’s omnipresence. A strange characteristic of this journey was that every time I would worry about some impending danger, I would some how come across a picture of Akkalkot Maharaj (an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya) with the following words written underneath: “Do not be afraid. I am with you.” Almost immediately after seeing any such picture, the trouble would just vanish in thin air. I experienced this concurrence numerous times and was convinced that it was Swami who was communicating with me in that manner.

Just one day before my return to US, my father suddenly developed a heart ailment. Most tests run the previous night were not conclusive and were indicative of something abnormal. I was not sure if I could leave him in that condition. My return was necessary, however, and I was in a dilemma. We decided to rush him to the hospital for a final test and while we were on our way I kept hoping that if I could somehow see that picture of Akkalkot Maharaj, it would be a sure sign that everything will be well. It was very early in the morning and since all shops were closed, the chances of that happening appeared to negligible, if not impossible.

God does not need to depend on human instruments, however. Just as I was thinking in this manner, a taxi overtook us, rather unexpectedly. At first, we were shocked at the way the cab driver maneuvered his vehicle ahead of ours-it was very, very abnormal. But my initial shock was soon transformed into relief because the back window of the car had a painting of the very picture I was looking for and the very words I wanted to hear: “Do not be afraid. I am with you.” It was almost as if Swami had made the driver act in the rash manner only so that He could fulfill my heartfelt desire and reassure me.

Needless to say, all the tests suddenly changed from the results that had come out the previous night and my father was given a clean bill of health.

Sweet-Tasting Water Miraculously Manifests At Om Sai Mandir On New Year’s Day 2014

Today, January 01, 2014, New Year’s Day, we witnessed a strange manifestation at Om Sai Mandir. After finishing the morning Rudra/Sai Abhishekam, we saw streams of water emanating from a picture of Baba’s feet. The water was unmistakably sweet. Devotees were present when the water manifested from Swami’s feet.

On previous occasions, devotees have felt the appearance of vibhuti from the same picture. For the benefit of devotees, we are providing pictures from the miracle:


The arrow points to streams of water flowing while a bigger drop is circled


This is a close-up of Baba’s feet. The manifestation of holy water can be clearly seen within the circle.


Another view of the water stream flowing through Baba’s feet.

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I Came But You Did Not Recognize

In 2006, Swami had conducted Athi Maha Rudram on an epic scale. Tens of thousands of devotees from all corners of the world had arrived in Parthi to witness the Lord performing the grandest of all yagnas. At His calling, I had visited Parthi as well. It was the most exciting time of life. Twenty-one days of sheer bliss and hundreds of surprises and miracles, every single day.

As I would be seated in the rows, I would request Baba to grant me an interview or at least speak with me during the darshan itself. My prayers were answered on several occasions, often through naughty smiles, exchange of letters, a visit to the inner area of Swami’s temple and other similar experiences. I was not satisfied, though. I wanted to speak with Swami physically, one-on-one.

Swami always grants His children’s prayers but often displays His naughtiness in the act and also inculcates a few lessons for the long-term benefit of the devotee. I had visited Parthi on earlier occasions but had forgotten my way to the Kalpavriksha, the celestial tree in Parthi where Swami had performed numerous miracles as a child. I tried to find my way there but ended up at the meditation tree instead. As I stood there confused about the direction to take, a strange-looking man came to me. He was around five feet and a few extra inches. Dressed in a regular attire, he did not appear anything but ordinary. Sigh, how we look only on the outside.

swami_blessingWithout my prompting, he asked me pointblank: “Are you looking for the way to go to the Kalpavriksha tree.” I said, “yes!” Due to Swami’s veil of maya (illusion), I could not think logically and at that point it never struck me as to how he knew about my desire to find the tree. The conversation went on. He gave me directions to the tree and also offered me a picture of Swami. It was one of the popular pictures of Swami with two hands raised in blessing. At first, I was reluctant to take the picture from a stranger and refused. He said, “Two rupees only.” [Devotees acquainted with the teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba may have guessed it. Baba used to often ask for two rupees as a symbol of Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience).]

Something in me said “take the picture” and so I offered him the sum and took the picture. No sooner did I accept the picture he explained to me that he was a heart patient (translation: eager to seek devotees’ love) and that he sold pictures (translation: blessings) for a living.

I thanked him and walked toward the Kalpavriksha. As I was walking toward the tree, I flipcropped-moortis21.jpgped the picture on the other side and, lo, there was a pencil sketch of the statues that were to arrive at Om Sai Mandir in the future. In 2006, we had initiated the process of getting the statues done but everything was in its preliminary stages. The pencil sketch was indeed symbolic of two statues of Baba that were soon to adorn the mandir’s altar.

Until then I did not think of anything but a thunderbolt struck me that night when I was speaking to a saintly devotee of Baba. Before I could utter a single word, I was asked “Did Baba come to you today?” I said “no”. I am praying to Him but He is not responding. Again, the same question came: “Did not Baba come to you today?” My answer was “no” again. At this, I was given one more hint: “Did not Baba come and give you something today?” Now, everything sunk in. “Yes,” I said. He did come but I did not recognize Him in the form He had adorned. Then the saintly devotee went on to narrate snippets of my meeting with Baba, despite the fact that I was alone during the meeting.

Swami had indeed granted me darshan (vision), sparsham (touch), and sambhasham (conversation). He came but I did not recognize Him. Baba visits so many of us in so many different forms. We need to start seeing the inner Swami in everyone to avoid missing these surprise darshans.

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Devotees’ Collective Prayers Moved Baba To Save Patient From Irrecoverable State


When we had just started the mandir, a devotee’s brother-in-law suddenly became infected with  Jaundice. At first, the disease was not of major concern but due to some erratic reasons it progressed to a point where it became life threatening due to severe liver damage.

The patient collapsed and became nearly comatose. The diagnosis was grim and doctors in Delhi, India, did not give much time or hope to the family. Apparently, the patient’s liver was damaged beyond a point of medical recovery.

At that time, his family members were living in New York, just a few blocks away from Om Sai Mandir. They visited the mandir and started praying to Baba very fervently. At first, there was no sign of recovery and the condition appeared to worsen even further. Just as the situation was getting out of hand, the family members came together and prayed to Baba from the bottom of their heart every single day without a gap.

They collectively chanted Baba’s name, sang 108 Hanuman Chalisas, conducted bhajans, performed seva at the mandir, and did various other prayers. Then, one day, the family members came in a very dejected state. Apparently, the doctors had lost all hope as that day the patient was not responding at all.

Some senior devotees participated in the prayers along with family members to give them moral support. As bhajans were being sung with deep devotion, suddenly we heard Baba’s voice: “Bach gaya” (He was saved from impending death!). The voice was very loud, but the few devotees who heard it kept quiet out of respect for the family members.

That day, they received a call from Delhi. The patient had indeed revived from what appeared to be an otherwise irrecoverable state. From thereon, he made a full recovery and with Baba’s grace is doing very well now, after nearly ten years. It was indeed Baba who had saved him.

When we pray from the depth of our hearts and refuse to give up until He hears our call, Baba has no choice but to help us out. When appropriate and beneficial, He even changes the writ of destiny itself. Nothing is impossible for Baba.

In the Sai Satcharita, Baba has promised us that He will pull us out from the jaws of death:


Baba Manifests In Kumkum


Rudra Abhishekam was started at Om Sai Mandir on June 11, 2007. Since then Athi Maha Rudram (14,641 chants of Rudram, a vedic hymn) has been performed nearly twice. During the prayers we were blessed with several miraculous manifestations, ranging from the appearance of divine Ganga Jal to images of various deities.

Generally, as soon as we finish the prayers we decorate the deities with ornaments and apply a kumkum (vermillion) mark on the forehead of all deities. On September 19, 2011, we were performing the Rudram as usual in the morning.

As soon as the prayers were finished, we applied the dot of vermillion on the white shiv ling at Om Sai Mandir. To the wonder of all devotees present, the vermillion dot immediately turned into a portrait of Shirdi Sai Baba. The attached image was taken during the prayers and devotees can see how the dot of kumkum has transformed into Baba’s face. His eyes, nose, beard, lips, face, head-dress — everything can be seen very clearly.

Saved From Sure Death: How Baba Averted A Fatal Accident

sai_baba_umbrellaDuring my first Master’s, I would often get absorbed in Sai’s thoughts and become oblivious to my surroundings. Often, objects in front of me would just appear as pure white light. Baba was aware of my state and inevitably, He would always protect me from oncoming dangers even when I was ignorant about their existence.

Just before a danger would appear, He would make me chant His name or sing a bhajan.

One morning, I had a premonition that I would be facing some danger and Baba internally asked me to start chanting His name to ensure divine protection. Before leaving the house, I started ceaseless recitation of Baba’s name. As I was walking toward school, I slipped and fell flat in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, just as I fell, the lights on the opposite street turned green and a sports car came zooming in my direction.

I had fallen flat on my back and had no time to get up and move away from the car. Within a fraction of a second, the car was at an arm’s length. Unfortunately, since I had fallen in the middle of the street, there was no room for the car to move on either side and the driver had no option except to run me down — unless of course, if he could apply the brakes on time. Since everything happened so fast, there was no question of that possibility either.

My subconscious mind quickly gathered the gravity of the situation and thinking that I had just a few more moments on earth, I closed my eyes and awaited the inevitable. All along, I was fervently praying to Sai.

Just then a miracle happened. When I opened my eyes, the car was on the other side and I was Car crashunharmed — not even a scratch on me. When I got up, several witnesses, bus drivers, and other cars signaled to me that God had indeed saved me. They were all still during that moment but none understood how the car had passed on the other side.

Even to this day, I don’t know how the car passed on the other side. After several years, though, I read a story about how Swami was once driving with a band of devotees when a truck appeared in front of them. The truck was moving very fast in their direction and neither party had a chance to escape. They knew Swami was with them so they held on to Him with faith. Miraculously, the car passed through the truck (just like a sci-fi movie) and was behind them in no time. No one was hurt.

It was then that I understood what had happened during my accident.

It is for this reason that we should always chant Baba’s name. His name protects us from all dangers — known and unknown.

The Power Of Prayers: Countless Problems Vanish

moortis2.jpgA group of elder devotees were once praying to Baba at the mandir. Suddenly, Baba appeared in front of them. Usually, Baba appears with a bright aura around Him and He reveals His form, bright and resplendent as a million suns. This time, however, Baba appeared to be covered with a thick, dark black liquid.

Everyone was shocked to see the substance around Baba and requested Him to explain the meaning of the vision. Baba then said: “Millions of devotees pray to Me asking for several material benefits. Often, their past sins come on their way and so I take on their sufferings and sins on Myself to relieve them and give them an opportunity to move toward a brighter future. I don’t mind suffering for the sake of My devotees. The black liquid you see is their sufferings that I have taken on Myself.”

One elder devotee could not see Baba in this form and begged Baba to show a way to minimize the impact of these sins. At first Baba kept quiet but upon repeated requests, finally gave way and in His characteristic compassionate voice said, “Don’t lose heart. Even mountains of sins will disappear if you pray sincerely. Chant God’s name.”

The band of devotees took this advice seriously and collectively started chanting God’s name 27,000 times. Upon completion of each round of 1,000 names the black liquid would start reducing little by little. Finally when the round of 27,000 names was completed Baba appeared bright as a million suns. Countless sins from humanity had vanished by this small effort by a determined group of devotees.

Indeed prayers are very powerful. If we adopt the practice of praying daily, all our sins will be burnt to ashes and our future will become very bright.

How Baba Lit Lamps With Water — And Orange Juice

dwarakamai_shirdi_saiBaba provided a brief peek into his divine powers by performing the miracle of lighting lamps with water, instead of oil. They were the early days of Baba’s stay in Shirdi, when many villagers had not recognized His divinity. They considered him to be an ordinary renunciate.

At one point of time, the local merchants of Shirdi formed a pact and decided to cease giving Baba oil gratis. They wanted to see what Baba would do without their favors. Of course, the Lord had his own plans and wanted to use this opportunity to inculcate a few moral lessons in the hearts of his children.

When the grocers refused to provide oil, Sainath left their place unperturbed. The merchants, intent on testing Baba’s greatness, followed Sai to his place of residence, Dwarakamai. From their place of hiding, they witnessed Baba following an unusual course of action. The Lord of Shirdi took some water in his mouth and poured it into a pot, as if sanctifying and consecrating the same. He then filled all the lamps with this water and lit them. Much to the mischief makers’ surprise, the lamps burnt bright all-night.

They later repented for their act and sought Baba’s pardon. The merciful Lord immediately granted His forgiveness but urged them to be truthful in future.

Speaking of lighting lamps, once at Om Sai Mandir, we accidentally filled the lamp with orange juice. It was winter and the juice had thickened to the extent that it appeared like clarified butter (ghee). Needless to say, due to Baba’s grace the lamp kept on burning for several hours.

What is considered a miracle in the realm of mortals was really a manifestation of Baba’s will. For the one who created this universe, transformation from one form of matter (water) to another (oil) is of no significance. Not only water, Lord Sai has transformed countless devotees from ordinary to extraordinary. This, too, poses no difficulty for the all-powerful Lord. He uplifts His children from lower states of existence to saint-like conditions in the wink of an eye. The act is as easy for Him, as it is for a powerful gush of wind to uplift nearly weightless cotton balls.

Baba Always Watches Over His Children

Sri_Sathya_Sai_Baba2After attending the Sunday bhajans at Om Sai Mandir, the author was on his way home when he came across a four-year-old girl running alone on the street. An unseen voice urged the author to help the little child.

The child was very difficult to control and was impatiently hurrying to the main intersection, an area frequented by many speeding vehicles. When he questioned her about her whereabouts she did not give a definite answer and babbled strange words. It was very clear that she was lost.

How was the author to control her? She was unwilling to take his help and was intent on running in an unknown direction. It was a dilemma. If he were to force help on her, people could easily mistake his intentions. Leaving her alone was not an option either. Baba was the only one who could suggest a way out of this dilemma, and so he fervently invoked Baba’s grace.

The invisible voice again drew the writer’s attention to the girl’s forehead. There was a distinct vermillion mark, suggesting that she had just visited the Ganesh temple across the street from Om Sai Mandir. This was a wonderful clue. Next, the voice suggested, “Ask her to run a race with you. That way she won’t resist your help.”

It worked. The girl cheerfully ran in the direction of the temple. When they reached the temple’s cafeteria a group of people were frantically looking for the girl and as soon as they saw her they felt very relieved. It was a wonderful reunion — all hugs and kisses.

How did the author reach the spot just when the girl was lost? Who was the invisible voice guiding him through the entire situation? It was none other than Baba. Were it not for Baba’s help, the innocent child could have fallen in serious danger.

When devotees are in harm’s way, Baba cannot but rush to their help. This has been the experience of countless devotees. When Baba was physically present in Shirdi, a devotee visited the place to seek His blessings. As is normally the case, some villagers misguided the man into visiting a woman who offered her services to travelers.

The two engaged in a conversation and just when the man was to face spiritual downfall, the door slammed open and
he saw Baba physically standing there. Baba made hand gestures, indicating as if that you have come to seek my blessings and is this what you engage in? The devotee immediately left the place and was saved by Baba’s timely warning.

Nanasaheb Chandorkar, too, was saved from physical harm because of Baba’s vigilance. Nana was on a pilgrimage to a shrine that was situated on a hill. When he was climbing the hill, he felt intensely thirsty and extremely weak.

He prayed to Baba and at that very moment a man came to him and offered water. It need not be mentioned that the man was none other than Sainath. In fact, at that very instance, Baba remarked to villagers at Shirdi that he just gone to deliver water to Nana. None understood this comment but when Nana visited Shirdi, the purport of Baba’s remark became clear.

Our beloved Baba keeps an ever-watchful eye on His children and He ensures our safety and welfare in every way possible. He is ever vigilant and ever-ready to help everyone.

Balloon Miracle Happened Yet Again, Today, At Om Sai Mandir

balloon_miracle_012413Those who visit Om Sai Mandir regularly are familiar with the miracles that Baba often performs at the mandir out of His sheer compassion. Many have witnessed the balloon miracle in the past and are familiar with the manner in which Baba has demonstrated His leelas. Today was an encore.

This afternoon, during the Rudram prayers, Baba manifested His presence yet again. Baba, as we all know is omnipresent — not only everywhere, but in everything — and to prove this, He often shows us how He controls every single atom of this vast cosmos. For the benefit of devotees, we are narrating the events that occurred today:

It is not unusual for balloons to float in the air but when they start behaving like a live human being, one can see God’s hand at play. As the prayers were going on this afternoon, a balloon floated and first touched Baba’s feet on the upper floor of the mandir. We did not pay much attention to it but then suddenly the balloon started moving toward the door on the second floor and then took a right turn and directed itself toward the steps leading to the first floor.

Under normal circumstances, a balloon would just float in the air, but this one started WALKING DOWN the steps, mimicking the steps taken by a live human being. It would rise, come down, touch a step, then rise again again and touch the lower step … until it reached the first floor in a hopping fashion, as if someone was walking down the stairs. Balloons float, they don’t hop or walk. We still did not take it seriously.

Then soon thereafter, the balloon took a U-turn (almost as if someone was driving it) and approached the very place where the prayers were being chanted. It then came and stood there (see picture) — still and motionless.

The way it was standing reminded us of how Baba used to stand while inspecting devotees’ prayers. The strangest thing was that the balloon stood right there until 1008 chants of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantram were completed. It did not move for almost thirty minutes.

Those who have seen Baba walk would instantly recognize His characteristic swaying motions and graceful, floating walk. When one witnesses Baba walking, it gives the impression that He is gliding on thin air, almost floating.

As soon as the chants were finished, the balloon moved toward the devotees who were participating in the chant, as if it was Baba’s gesture of blessing the devotees. Then we performed Baba’s afternoon arati. Until then the balloon was steady but as soon as the prayers were completed, it moved away from the area IMMEDIATELY — in a snap.

Just as a background these balloons have been at the mandir since almost two months but they never behaved in this fashion. What’s more wonderful is that this nearly deflated balloon had suddenly regained shape.

The fact that it first touched Baba’s feet, moved down the steps like a human, made right turns and U-turns, stood motionlessly at the same spot until the prayers were being performed, moved away the moment prayers were over … all of this adds up to just one fact: Baba was orchestrating the whole show.

The excitement did not end there, though. In the afternoon, when devotees were praying in front of Baba, the balloon started approaching each devotee individually and would stand still in front of the devotee. Then it would move to the next devotee and stand in front of that devotee … only at the spots where prayers were being performed, nowhere else.

Last year, Baba performed many similar miracles. During one such instance, a bunch of balloons moved across the room, touched Baba’s feet, and went to the lamp in front of Baba, after catching fire from the lamp, the balloon bunch circulated around the table in front of Baba and finally burnt some papers that were there. Thereafter, the fire extinguished on its own before we could do anything.

On every occasion, the balloons ALWAYS touch Baba’s feet first before moving in any direction. Once it could be a coincidence, but if every time Baba’s feet is touched first it cannot be a coincidence.

To give devotees a visual map, we have provided arrows indicating how it all happened. The steps can be seen in the background as well.