When Nothing Works Sai Comes to Our Rescue; He Hears Every Prayer


At the hospital in Puttaparthi, a patient was in critical condition. The medical team did their best to revive the patient but to no avail. They finally wanted to make one final attempt but that too was not succeeding and the patient was not breathing.

In that unit was a student of Baba. As he did not know what else to do, he went and knelt in front of a picture of Baba and prayed to Him as the only hope to save the patient’s life.

No sooner did he do so, the patient started breathing and his life was saved.

The story did not end there. On the following Sunday, Swami validated the incidence. As the boy was sitting in the darshan line, Swami came to Him and said that had it not been for the boy’s prayer, the patient would have surely died.

Sometimes, we try to do things without praying to Baba and the results are often poor. Try praying to Swami and then put in your efforts. Your success is assured. Omsaimandir.org – Flushing, NY

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