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If You Constantly Think of God, He will Take Care of You; Practicing One Teaching is Better than Reading about a Hundred


There was a Gita scholar who was well-renowned. Even kings from far-away places would call upon him to deliver discourses and explain fine details about the Gita. Once, he visited a king who asked him the meaning of a particular shloka.

Ananyas chintayanto Maam Yae Janaah Pary Upaasate Taesham Nithya abhi yuktaanam Yoga kshemem Vahami-aham

Summarily, at a deep level, it means that if we constantly meditate on God, He will take care of our material and spiritual welfare.

The king asked the scholar for its meaning but was not satisfied with the answers. The scholar tried to explain in many ways but the king simply did not like the answers.

The scholar went home and was thinking deeply about ways to impress the king. His wife saw him in that pensive state and asked what the matter was. He refused to answer thinking that she was illiterate and couldn’t understand these matters. At her constant asking, however, he replied. She did not sound impressed with how he explained the shloka.

Now his ego was hurt and he screamed at his wife for defying a scholar. He chided her for being unable to understand higher spiritual concepts, but little did he know about her greatness. She may not have read countless books, but she did practice what she had learnt. Despite his anger, she remained calm and said, “What does the shloka teach and what do you practice?”

Though angry he thought about what she said and realized that he was not practicing what he was teaching and that was the reason the king was not impressed. If he really believed in God, why would he want the mercy of human kings. Of course, he has to work hard but did he need to go out of the way and sell his soul to impress human “toy kings”.

Next day, he decided to rely on God and God alone and did not visit the king. After performing his daily duties, he sat engrossed in deep prayer and constant repetition of God’s name. The king sent for him but his wife informed the soldiers that he was in prayer. Then the king sent his minister but he did not go. His minister was informed that he was in deep prayer and that he was focusing on the king of the universe.

Finally, the king himself came to his house. At first the king felt insulted and wanted to punish him but on seeing him in deep prayer he calmed down. Such was the power of prayer and faith that the king himself had to come to visit a scholar. It was then that the king understood the true meaning (and power) of the shloka.

The king went and touched his feet and offered him enough wealth to last a lifetime.

If we constantly think of God and perform our duties, God WILL provide for us and take care of us in both material and spiritual matters. Doesn’t Baba teach the same. He has assured us that He will provide for our spiritual and material needs if we turn to Him.

When Nothing Works Sai Comes to Our Rescue; He Hears Every Prayer


At the hospital in Puttaparthi, a patient was in critical condition. The medical team did their best to revive the patient but to no avail. They finally wanted to make one final attempt but that too was not succeeding and the patient was not breathing.

In that unit was a student of Baba. As he did not know what else to do, he went and knelt in front of a picture of Baba and prayed to Him as the only hope to save the patient’s life.

No sooner did he do so, the patient started breathing and his life was saved.

The story did not end there. On the following Sunday, Swami validated the incidence. As the boy was sitting in the darshan line, Swami came to Him and said that had it not been for the boy’s prayer, the patient would have surely died.

Sometimes, we try to do things without praying to Baba and the results are often poor. Try praying to Swami and then put in your efforts. Your success is assured. – Flushing, NY

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We Don’t Know the Hidden Reason Behind Baba’s Leelas


Lord Datta once went to ask for alms from a lady’s house. On his way out, he uprooted a tree that was only source of food for the family.

On seeing this the lady was very upset. She was bemoaning the loss and wondering why the Lord acted in this manner when he knew that the family depended on the tree for food.

Her husband returned home and tried to console her. As they went to replant the tree they found that a lot of treasure was buried at the same spot and that would be enough for many generations of the family.

Sometimes, God does things we don’t understand and he appears to take away things we depend on, but after a while we will realize that there is always a hidden benefit to God’s acts. He always does what is best for us.

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Baba Calls Devotees to Om Sai Mandir in Strange Ways


Once, during puja, the door opened and one lady walked in. She saw Baba and was so excited and said, “So I got it right.” As I didn’t understand I asked her to explain. She said that during early hours of morning Baba came in a vision and asked her to come to Om Sai Mandir. As she did not know computers very well, Baba have her detailed directions to come here. She had never heard about the Mandir until Baba Himself told her. That was the reason she was so happy and said she got it right.

There are many such stories of devotees coming to the Mandir in strange ways. On another occasion, a lady from Trinidad saw Baba in a vision and she was asked to come and offer specific types of lemons at the Mandir. Another person was driving near the cemetery on Hollis Court Blvd. and he felt a strong pull to come here. Many more … will share slowly.

True Devotees Believe that God Can Do the Impossible


Once, Lord Vishnu sent Narada to earth to find out who is a true devotee of God. First, Narada went to all the scholars and powerful people who were “acting” as if they were true devotees. Wherever he went the people would ask him, “Divine Sage, pray, tell us what God is doing now.” Narada would say, “He is passing an elephant through a needle’s eye!” Everyone would laugh at Narada and so he felt dejected that there were no true devotees of God.

Finally, Narada saw an illiterate cobbler. The cobbler asked Narada the same question and he gave the same response. On hearing the answer, the cobbler’s eyes were wet with tears of joy. He said, “why an elephant, God can pass the whole universe through a needle’s eye. Nothing is impossible for God.”

Simple devotees have faith that God can do anything. Nothing is impossible for God.

Don’t Fear Baba Can Change Our Destiny If We Surrender

Flushing Sai Baba Temple

Once, an elderly lady came to Baba in Puttaparthi. She had many sons and daughter-in-laws but not a single grandchild. Her heart was broken as she was getting older. When Baba walked near her he asked her what she wanted and she conveyed her desire.

Baba told her that she didn’t have grand children in her destiny. She firmly held Babas feet and said, “I know you can change destiny!” Baba said do you have that kind of faith and surrender and she said yes. Baba blessed her and asked her to return home.

Next year, she came back to Baba with beautiful grandkids.

Baba can change our destiny. All He needs is faith and patience. Church bells started ringing as we finished typing this. Om Sai Mandir, Flushing

Baba’s Delays are Not His Denials


Once, a devotee of Baba wanted to personally hand over his daughter’s wedding card to Baba. As Baba passed by Him, He hurried away as if He wanted to avoid this man. The man burst into tears and thought it was his bad karma but he did not know about Swami’s love.

After a few days, Baba personally called this man from the crowd and granted him an interview. Baba then explained to the man that when you were trying to give me the card it was “Rahu kaal”. Had i taken the card then it would have been very bad for the girl. You may give it to Me now and all will be well. The man was overjoyed.

On another occasion a girl came to Om Sai Mandir with her father. She wanted to get married but there were some delays. Her father was worried and prayed to Baba. Baba said that according to her destiny she was going to get an abusive husband and so Baba Himself was delaying the marriage. After the time for “fate” passes, He Himself would find her a good husband.

Such are Baba’s ways. He always does what is best for us. We may not understand it in the short term but in the long run all will be well. Have full faith that whatever happens is best for you. Om Sai Mandir – Sai Baba’s Temple in Flushing, Queens, New York (NY)