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Flushing Sai Baba Temple – Om Sai Mandir

Perhaps, the first temple in the world dedicated to the two most recent avatars of Lord Sai, Om Sai Mandir is a unique and divinely-inspired temple of the Lord where individuals from all faiths and beliefs gather to worship the Supreme Lord Sai. Om Sai Mandir or Flushing Sai Baba Temple, as it is commonly known, was established in Flushing, Queens, New York (NY) in 2003 with the singular purpose of serving Sai devotees in a spirit of unity, love, and selflesFlushing Sai Baba Templesness. Since its inception, the temple has remained open for devotees seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Temple Timings, Address, and Daily Schedule and Activities

Om Sai Mandir,  4511 Smart Street, Flushing, NY 11355,  Phone: 1.718.461.0454



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The temple is open daily from 8 AM to 9 PM. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Daily Schedule and Activities

Our daily schedule includes four aratis (Kakad Arati – 8 AM, Madhyana Arti – 12 PM, Dhoop Arati – 6 PM, and Shej Arati – 8 PM) just as they are observed in Shirdi. Additionally, Sathya Sai Baba’s arati is performed twice every day. In the morning after Kakad Arati and in the afternoon after Madhyan Arati.

Additionally, Rudra Abhishekam and Sarva Devata Abhishekam is performed at 9 AM daily. Vedic prayers such as Rudram, Sri Suktam, Durga Suktam, and Purusha Suktam are chanted during the abhishekam. Hanuman Chalisa is chanted 108 times every Saturday and Maha Mrityunjaya Jap is performed 1008 times every Monday. Sai Naam Jap is chanted every Sunday (1008 times). Vishnu Sahasranam and Lalitha Sahasranam are chanted daily as well.

Apart from the intense prayer schedule, the temple participates in numerous programs and activities focused on teaching bhajans to the children, serving the elderly (senior citizens), feeding the poor (annadanam), and various other service projects that are taken from time-to-time. Individuals with reading difficulties and language problems are provided translation services and assistance with filling various forms.

If you are on Facebook, Google, Twitter or other social media sites, please do like us and join us. We host daily satsanghs and provide a wealth of information on Baba’s teachings, sayings, stories, and messages.

Temple Information

Thousands of individuals visit Sai mandir, Sai Baba temple in Flushing, every single year, including devotees from all five boroughs (Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx) and also from states outside of New York, including far-off states. The visitors come not only from the tristate area, but also from various countries. The mandir is fortunate to have a following from practically all continents in the world. It is Shirdi Sai Baba and Shree Sathya Sai Baba’s divine presence and grace that attracts everyone, no matter how far the distance. In fact, we have had several devotees who said that they just felt drawn to the temple. Some claimed to have been directed by none other than Sai either through dreams or through friends and well-wishers.

Followers of Saibaba know that He has emphatically declared in the Sai Satcharita that I draw my followers to Me, just as sparrows are drawn with a string tied to their feet. We, at Baba’s temple, have been fortunate enough to witness these words in action and can confirm that Baba does indeed carry out His work Himself, without the need for any agency or instrument. It is Swami’s supreme will that accomplishes the welfare of his followers the world over.

Directions to Om Sai Mandir


Driving Directions and Route from Manhattan (New York City)

Drive to Long Island Expressway, LIE, (I-495 East) and take Exit 24 (Kissena Boulevard). Once you take the exit, make a left into Kissena and drive north for about one mile and then turn right into 45th Avenue. Keep going for about four blocks and make a right into Smart Street. We are the second building on your left.

Route from Long Island

Om Sai Mandir is just as easily accessible from Long Island. Again take I-495 West and get off at Exit 24 (Kissena Blvd). Turn right into Kissena and go north for about a mile. Turn right into 45th Avenue and drive for about four blocks. Turn into Smart Street and drive to 45-11 Smart Street.

For out-of-state devotees, you can reach LIE through all major highways, including The Belt Parkway, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE), Grand Central, and others. Once on Long Island Expressway, follow the directions provided above to reach Saibaba Temple in Flushing.

You can also use public transportation, which provides frequent service in the vicinity of the mandir. For directions through public transportation, kindly visit our directions page.

Brief History and Structure

Our founders, Dr. Gangadhar Rao Chalasani and his wife, felt a strong need to have a place of worship that would be dedicated to followers of both Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba. Given the fact that the Sai movement is growing manifold, it was necessary to have a common ground so followers of Baba could learn about the teachings of both Sai avatars in one place. Our founders started the temple (as a non-profit organization) without much fanfare and in the simplest manner. As such, the institution is a product of love, dedication, and sacrifice for which we remain eternally grateful to the founders, who have decided to shun any form of limelight from the very beginning of the organization’s journey.

What is most unique about the institution is the fact that all of its programs and activities are coordinated by a dedicated group of volunteers, who serve at the temple seven days a week. This taskforce of tireless, young Sai-lovers form the very core of the strength and their presence ensures that all of the temple’s resources are allocated exclusively for the functioning of the temple and its various programs and not a single cent is spent on manpower.

The organizational structure is one of love and humility. Every person who serves here works without the lure for titles and accolades. Sai is everything from the head of the mandir to the one who orchestrates the entire show. The volunteers and the founders prefer to serve as humble instruments, nay servants, of the Lord and exist for the sole purpose of selfless service.

Blessings of Baba, Sages, and Saints

Since its inception, many saints of the highest order (such as Shree Vishvayogi Viswamjee, Shree Bhawati Siddhar, and others) have visited the temple and showered their blessings on devotees. Each one of them has unequivocally attested to the fact that they could feel Baba’s divine presence at the mandir in abundance. In fact, the temple’s inception was entirely coordinated by the Lord Himself and we will post these experiences on our blog shortly.

Miracles of Baba at the Mandir

Baba performed the most inexplicable miracles in both Shirdi and Sathya Sai avatars. He never placed much importance on the miracles, though, and performed them for the sole purpose of benefiting devotees. Baba has performed countless miracles at Om Sai Mandir as well. Many of these are not shared due to respect for the concerned devotees’ privacy, but we were fortunate enough to record some of the miracles on video and the same can be viewed on our YouTube channel. You can also read about Baba’s honey miracle that occurred recently. Baba has also cured many devotees of various ailments (including cancer, Glaucoma, and others) and has benefited them in more ways than we can humanly describe.

We do not crave for miracles, but when Swami does perform them, we feel overjoyed, grateful, and reassured of His constant divine presence. Our attitude toward these miracles is that of a witness filled with reverence, gratitude, and awe. Only Sai is the doer, not us.

Newsletter, Outreach, and Information about Sai

It is imperative that our beloved Lord’s teachings and stories be preserved for future generations and it is our humble endeavor to share His teachings (again as an instrument) through the temple’s newsletter, blog, and various one-on-one and group-based educational interactions. The past newsletters can be viewed here and to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, please visit the subscribe page.

The mandir’s blog has many informative articles and can be accessed through any Internet-enabled device. Furthermore, extensive information is posted on a daily basis through our various social media outreach initiatives on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube. Be sure to like us on your favorite social media channels.

Information for Out-of-State Devotees

If you are visiting New York (NYC) for the purpose of having darshan at Om Sai Mandir, there are plenty of amenities in the close proximity of the mandir. In addition to the prasad served at the temple, there are plenty of restaurants and fast food joints in the close vicinity of the temple. From the Ganesh Temple’s canteen to other fast food and fine dining establishments (and we have a variety, from Chinese to Italian and everything in between), food is never a problem in Flushing. If you need to make living arrangements during your stay in New York, the Flushing YMCA offers reasonably-priced accommodations. There are also many hotels and motels in the area, should you desire to follow that route. We are not affiliated with any of these organizations, so devotees should perform their own diligence before narrowing down their lodging and eating arrangements.

Rest assured, we are just a phone call or e-mail away, so please do not hesitate to call the temple if you have any questions.

All Powers Reign in Baba’s Divine Hands


Baba has repeatedly assured us that He holds the power to transform earth into sky and sky into earth. He has also stated emphatically that He can uplift entire mankind in the wink of an eye, but that if He were to do so, we would fall back quickly and that slow and steady progress under His protection is the proper path for humanity.

Shirdi is a unique place where people from all religious get together and offer their respects to Baba. There are no religious barriers and Baba welcomes everyone.

When Baba assumed His divine form in Shirdi, there were religious factions that often tried to incite differences between Hindus and Muslims. It is Baba’s unique charisma that worshippers from ALL religions adored Baba with absolute faith in His divinity. Each religious group, though, had their own way of approaching Baba. As is the Hindu custom, Baba was worshipped by His Hindu followers and this irked a Pathan who was then residing in Shirdi. Baba loved everyone equally and allowed each individual to worship Him according to their own faith and belief. In His mind there was no religious barrier — all were His own children.

Baba loved this Pathan, too, but he was not aware of the intensity of Baba’s love for him. One night, when everyone was sleeping in Dwarakamai, the Pathan rushed to Baba and said “These Hindus are spoiling you. I want to cut their throats while they are asleep.” Baba understood the Pathan’s heart and said that no one was to be blamed and that if the Pathan wished, He (Baba) should be killed first as He was the cause of everything. The Pathan was not convinced but somehow relented and went back to sleep.

Nevertheless, the misunderstanding still remained in his mind and he made repeated attempts to assasinate many followers of Baba. Of course, he failed in all of them because of Baba’s protection. Baba wanted to protect not only those whom the Pathan wanted to kill, but He also wanted to protect the Pathan from the sin of violence.

As it so happened, the Pathan could not hold his anger any longer and one day he decided to kill Baba and then His followers. As Baba was making His daily rounds in Shirdi, the Pathan sneaked in and lifted a weapon to hit Baba’s head from behind. Little did the Pathan know that Baba has eyes everywhere and that whether one perpetrates wrong from front or back, Baba is aware of everything. When a child is about to commit a major mistake, what can a mother do? She must stop him and correct him. No sooner did the Pathan lift the weapon, Baba turned around and with his little finger, He merely touched the Pathan’s wrist lightly. It wasn’t even a tap … just a light touch.

It was as if a thunderbolt of lightning had hit Pathan and he fell to his knees. The local villagers had to lift him up and help him to his quarters. After some time, the Pathan revived and was repentant of his act. Needless to say, he was transformed and remained humble thereafter.

Baba never cared for His life (for He was aware of His divinity), but in this manner He had saved the local villagers from death and He also saved the Pathan from committing a senseless act.

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Baba Humbled a Strongman: What can the Might of Arms do Against the Will of God?

When Baba was in His eighties, a man in Shirdi used to carry Him around with his strong arms. He would gently lift Sai and place Him wherever Baba chose to be seated. As such, he became very proud of his strength and felt that the Lord needed the service of his mighty arms. He fancied that he was strong like Bhima from Mahabharata and went by that name as well.
One day, Baba decided to transform Bhima and as he tried to lift the Lord, he simply could not move Baba, let alone transport Him. Baba’s body had become exponentially heavy and no matter what he tried, Bhima could not move Baba by even a fraction of a millimeter. Bhima stood perplexed. What had happened to his strength? Did the Lord become heavier than He was a few moments back?
The Lord of Shirdi wore a mischievous smile all along but on seeing the helpless condition of His servant, compassion dawned on the Lord and He asked Bhima to try again. On this attempt, Baba became light as a feather and Bhima could easily transport Him.
It was then that the strongman understood that Baba was the Lord of all Siddhis (supernatural powers) and that at His will He could become heavier and lighter. All along Baba was simply giving him an opportunity to serve the Lord.
Baba gives all of us an opportunity to serve Him based on our innate talents, preferences, desires, and previous karmas. Such opportunities are signs of grace and we must serve the Lord humbly knowing fully well that we are but mere instruments.

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If you Look to Me, I Look to you: How Baba Cured a Devotee’s Glaucoma


A Hispanic mother-daughter duo visit Om Sai Mandir every week. They never miss a single week, no matter how the weather may be. With immense faith in Baba, they come and pay their respects at the mandir and are always curious to learn about Baba and implement His teachings. Their humility and devotion are admirable.

Last week, the mother was diagnosed with Glaucoma of the eye. Although it is not a life-threatening condition, it can cause pain and annoyance to the patient and since the mother is in her seventies, it would have been one more condition to manage.

After she was diagnosed she came to Om Sai Mandir and prayed to Baba from the bottom of her heart. In her simple, child-like prayer, she asked Baba to look at her eyes and she, in turn, looked at Baba’s. It was very simple. No complicated rituals were performed. A simple heartfelt prayer was offered to Baba.

A strange miracle happened with that small interaction. She visited her doctor yesterday and the surprised doctor told her that “she was all clear!” No Glaucoma, no eye problem … nothing. She is all clean.

Baba can cure any disease, He can perform what no one can. What is impossible for the creator who made this human form? Nothing! God can do what no one else can.

A True Story of Transformation

It is very difficult to recognize an avatar. My father’s friend had misunderstood Swami and he had developed intense hatred as a result of his ignorance. Baba has His own ways, though, and it so happened that circumstances forced him to visit Puttaparthi.

As he was seated in the darshan line, he was “mentally” cursing Baba with the choicest of words. Due to the long wait in the darshan line, he was very hungry as well. He was very discrete and had not told anyone about his hatred for Swami. No one knew that he was hungry as well.
There were thousands of people seated in the ashram that day, but Swami came straight to this gentleman and looked at him with intense love. My father’s friend was surprised because he considered himself to be a true hater of Baba, and not a devotee. Baba looked at him with motherly love and said, “My child, you don’t like Me, isn’t it? It’s okay; everyone is My child. I love everyone. I love you.” Then Swami raised His divine hand and a cup of warm milk materialized in His hand. He told my father’s friend to drink the milk. “You are hungry, My child. Drink the milk.” On saying these words, Swami walked away peacefully.
Strange enough, my father’s friend drank every drop of the milk with great relish. Now, He had truly experienced Swami’s love and was surprised as to how Baba could read his thoughts and know that he was hungry as well.
He was so overpowered by Baba’s love that he became a true devotee of Baba thereafter and even started a Sai center.
We may not be able to understand God and His ways, but He knows all of us and loves us dearly.