All Powers Reign in Baba’s Divine Hands


Baba has repeatedly assured us that He holds the power to transform earth into sky and sky into earth. He has also stated emphatically that He can uplift entire mankind in the wink of an eye, but that if He were to do so, we would fall back quickly and that slow and steady progress under His protection is the proper path for humanity.

Shirdi is a unique place where people from all religious get together and offer their respects to Baba. There are no religious barriers and Baba welcomes everyone.

When Baba assumed His divine form in Shirdi, there were religious factions that often tried to incite differences between Hindus and Muslims. It is Baba’s unique charisma that worshippers from ALL religions adored Baba with absolute faith in His divinity. Each religious group, though, had their own way of approaching Baba. As is the Hindu custom, Baba was worshipped by His Hindu followers and this irked a Pathan who was then residing in Shirdi. Baba loved everyone equally and allowed each individual to worship Him according to their own faith and belief. In His mind there was no religious barrier — all were His own children.

Baba loved this Pathan, too, but he was not aware of the intensity of Baba’s love for him. One night, when everyone was sleeping in Dwarakamai, the Pathan rushed to Baba and said “These Hindus are spoiling you. I want to cut their throats while they are asleep.” Baba understood the Pathan’s heart and said that no one was to be blamed and that if the Pathan wished, He (Baba) should be killed first as He was the cause of everything. The Pathan was not convinced but somehow relented and went back to sleep.

Nevertheless, the misunderstanding still remained in his mind and he made repeated attempts to assasinate many followers of Baba. Of course, he failed in all of them because of Baba’s protection. Baba wanted to protect not only those whom the Pathan wanted to kill, but He also wanted to protect the Pathan from the sin of violence.

As it so happened, the Pathan could not hold his anger any longer and one day he decided to kill Baba and then His followers. As Baba was making His daily rounds in Shirdi, the Pathan sneaked in and lifted a weapon to hit Baba’s head from behind. Little did the Pathan know that Baba has eyes everywhere and that whether one perpetrates wrong from front or back, Baba is aware of everything. When a child is about to commit a major mistake, what can a mother do? She must stop him and correct him. No sooner did the Pathan lift the weapon, Baba turned around and with his little finger, He merely touched the Pathan’s wrist lightly. It wasn’t even a tap … just a light touch.

It was as if a thunderbolt of lightning had hit Pathan and he fell to his knees. The local villagers had to lift him up and help him to his quarters. After some time, the Pathan revived and was repentant of his act. Needless to say, he was transformed and remained humble thereafter.

Baba never cared for His life (for He was aware of His divinity), but in this manner He had saved the local villagers from death and He also saved the Pathan from committing a senseless act.

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