Baba Humbled a Strongman: What can the Might of Arms do Against the Will of God?

When Baba was in His eighties, a man in Shirdi used to carry Him around with his strong arms. He would gently lift Sai and place Him wherever Baba chose to be seated. As such, he became very proud of his strength and felt that the Lord needed the service of his mighty arms. He fancied that he was strong like Bhima from Mahabharata and went by that name as well.
One day, Baba decided to transform Bhima and as he tried to lift the Lord, he simply could not move Baba, let alone transport Him. Baba’s body had become exponentially heavy and no matter what he tried, Bhima could not move Baba by even a fraction of a millimeter. Bhima stood perplexed. What had happened to his strength? Did the Lord become heavier than He was a few moments back?
The Lord of Shirdi wore a mischievous smile all along but on seeing the helpless condition of His servant, compassion dawned on the Lord and He asked Bhima to try again. On this attempt, Baba became light as a feather and Bhima could easily transport Him.
It was then that the strongman understood that Baba was the Lord of all Siddhis (supernatural powers) and that at His will He could become heavier and lighter. All along Baba was simply giving him an opportunity to serve the Lord.
Baba gives all of us an opportunity to serve Him based on our innate talents, preferences, desires, and previous karmas. Such opportunities are signs of grace and we must serve the Lord humbly knowing fully well that we are but mere instruments.

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