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Hold On To Baba’s Feet — He Will Surely Save You!

i_am_love_on_two_feetA devotee of Baba, Das Ganu, wanted to visit Prayag, a sacred place where holy rivers meet. When Ganu visited Baba to seek His permission and blessings, Baba explained that all holy spots were at His feet and that there was no need to go elsewhere. No sooner had Sai said this, streams of holy water started emanating miraculously from Baba’s lotus feet. Ganu was astounded to see this miracle, but was convinced that resorting to Sai’s feet was equivalent to bathing in the holiest of rivers.

Resorting to His feet removes countless sins

In an earlier age, to rescue earth from the rule of demonic forces, God assumed the form of a saintly lad, Vamana, and accosted the king of demons, Bali. On seeing a tender lad at his doorstep, Bali asked the boy to seek a boon. Vamana asked for land that could be measured by His three steps. Seeing the small physical frame of the lad, Bali humored the child for asking such a trivial boon from a great king, but promised to fulfill his desire nevertheless.

Almost immediately, Vamana started growing in size. He grew to such gigantic proportions that with one foot he covered the entire earth and with the other, the heavens and nether regions.

When God’s foot reached heavenly regions, Lord Brahma, the creator, rushed to worship the divine foot with holy water. It was this water that later descended to earth in the form of the river Ganges. The reason the holy river is able to purify millions of sinners is because it had come in contact with God’s foot.

Contact with God’s feet is transformational

When Lord Rama was in the forests, He happened to visit a hermitage where Ahalya had been cursed to assume the form of a stone for 10,000 years. While at the ashram, Rama placed His foot on the stone and, lo, it was miraculously transformed into the divine mother Ahalya.

She was not only rescued from her inert condition, she was granted liberation from the cycle of birth and death–all for a moment’s contact with God’s feet. If a stone can be transformed into a woman by contacting God’s feet, imagine what could happen to humans. Is it any surprise that the
Goddess of Wealth, Mother Lakshmi, is always serving God’s feet?

His feet can fulfill desires and remove miseries

When Saptanekar, a devotee who was dejected due to the death of his son, held Baba’s feet very firmly, Sai compassionately uttered the following words: “These feet are old and holy, you are carefree now. Place faith in me and you will soon get your object.” On saying this Baba placed the
departed soul back into the very womb (of Saptanekar’s wife) from which it had died. Saptanekar was overjoyed to have his son back.

The Satcharita describes a wonderful dream that Anandrao had:

“I was standing in waist-deep water. There I saw Sai Baba all of a sudden. He was sitting on a  beautiful throne studded with diamonds. His feet were in water. I was most pleased and satisfied with the form of Baba. The vision was so realistic that I never thought it was a dream. Curiously enough Madhavrao was also standing there. He said to me feelingly, “Anandrao, fall at His feet.” I rejoined, “I also wish to do so, but His feet are in water, how can I place my head on them? I am helpless.” Hearing this he said to Baba “Oh Deva, take out your feet which are under water.” Then Baba immediately took out His feet. I caught them without delay and bowed to them. On seeing this Baba blessed me saying, “Go now you will attain your welfare, there is no cause for fear or anxiety.”

Why worship the feet

The act of reverently worshipping God’s feet is an ancient practice. It is said that the feet hold the entire weight of man’s body and help him progress from one place to another. Further, circulation of blood reaches from the feet to the heart and the feet are thus said to be connected to the heart in a very special way.

Bowing to someone’s feet is also considered an act of humility, reverence, and surrender. In the case of God, He carries the burden of the entire universe on his divine body and since God’s cosmic body rests on His feet, they are the holiest. Surrendering to His feet is the surest and easiest way to reach His heart and secure divine blessings.

The Devotion Of A Little Child


When Baba was constructing a super specialty hospital, huge project plans were being drawn out. The elite of elite were eagerly awaiting a chance to contribute to this project. All along a little student in Swami’s university was wondering how he could do his bit.

During the construction of the hospital Swami would often spend hours behind closeted doors conferencing with engineers and doctors. One afternoon, the doors opened suddenly and the Lord appeared holding a letter in His hand.

There was a twinkle in His eye and an aura of satisfaction. When the letter was read aloud, all were dumbfounded to hear the plea of a small child. When all other students were giving their clothes for professional laundering, this little boy was washing them with his own hands. This went on for
months until the boy finally managed to save one hundred rupees. This currency of love was enclosed with the letter where he had poured his heart out to Swami.

The letter read as follows:

Dear Bhagavan:

You have given so much to me and to every one here. You have provided free education for me and all my brothers and now I hear that you are constructing a BIG Hospital what will provide the most modern health care facilities to every section of the society totally free of cost.

Bhagavan! I also want to be a part of your glorious mission but I am just a small boy and I don’t know how I can contribute. Bhagavan, my parents are extremely poor but in spite of that they send me a little extra pocket money every month. I know it’s due to their love and concern for me.

Bhagavan! For the last three months I have not given my clothes to the dhoby (washerman). While all the other boys were sleeping in the night I washed my clothes and thus I managed to save a little money. Bhagavan! I have also resisted the temptations of toffees, chocolates and all the other things and thus managed to save a little money. Bhagavan! I offer this hundred rupee note to you. I feel ashamed and small to give you so little but even if this money can be used to buy a small brick for the new hospital, I will be the happiest child in the world.

–Your Loving Son

Baba held this note close to His heart and declared with utmost joy that this single note was more than millions. How many times do we stop from undertaking devotional or service activities with the fear that our little acts won’t matter to God. Had the little boy paid heed to such thoughts could he have won God’s grace?

Accessed on January 21, 2007.

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Balloon Miracle Happened Yet Again, Today, At Om Sai Mandir

balloon_miracle_012413Those who visit Om Sai Mandir regularly are familiar with the miracles that Baba often performs at the mandir out of His sheer compassion. Many have witnessed the balloon miracle in the past and are familiar with the manner in which Baba has demonstrated His leelas. Today was an encore.

This afternoon, during the Rudram prayers, Baba manifested His presence yet again. Baba, as we all know is omnipresent — not only everywhere, but in everything — and to prove this, He often shows us how He controls every single atom of this vast cosmos. For the benefit of devotees, we are narrating the events that occurred today:

It is not unusual for balloons to float in the air but when they start behaving like a live human being, one can see God’s hand at play. As the prayers were going on this afternoon, a balloon floated and first touched Baba’s feet on the upper floor of the mandir. We did not pay much attention to it but then suddenly the balloon started moving toward the door on the second floor and then took a right turn and directed itself toward the steps leading to the first floor.

Under normal circumstances, a balloon would just float in the air, but this one started WALKING DOWN the steps, mimicking the steps taken by a live human being. It would rise, come down, touch a step, then rise again again and touch the lower step … until it reached the first floor in a hopping fashion, as if someone was walking down the stairs. Balloons float, they don’t hop or walk. We still did not take it seriously.

Then soon thereafter, the balloon took a U-turn (almost as if someone was driving it) and approached the very place where the prayers were being chanted. It then came and stood there (see picture) — still and motionless.

The way it was standing reminded us of how Baba used to stand while inspecting devotees’ prayers. The strangest thing was that the balloon stood right there until 1008 chants of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantram were completed. It did not move for almost thirty minutes.

Those who have seen Baba walk would instantly recognize His characteristic swaying motions and graceful, floating walk. When one witnesses Baba walking, it gives the impression that He is gliding on thin air, almost floating.

As soon as the chants were finished, the balloon moved toward the devotees who were participating in the chant, as if it was Baba’s gesture of blessing the devotees. Then we performed Baba’s afternoon arati. Until then the balloon was steady but as soon as the prayers were completed, it moved away from the area IMMEDIATELY — in a snap.

Just as a background these balloons have been at the mandir since almost two months but they never behaved in this fashion. What’s more wonderful is that this nearly deflated balloon had suddenly regained shape.

The fact that it first touched Baba’s feet, moved down the steps like a human, made right turns and U-turns, stood motionlessly at the same spot until the prayers were being performed, moved away the moment prayers were over … all of this adds up to just one fact: Baba was orchestrating the whole show.

The excitement did not end there, though. In the afternoon, when devotees were praying in front of Baba, the balloon started approaching each devotee individually and would stand still in front of the devotee. Then it would move to the next devotee and stand in front of that devotee … only at the spots where prayers were being performed, nowhere else.

Last year, Baba performed many similar miracles. During one such instance, a bunch of balloons moved across the room, touched Baba’s feet, and went to the lamp in front of Baba, after catching fire from the lamp, the balloon bunch circulated around the table in front of Baba and finally burnt some papers that were there. Thereafter, the fire extinguished on its own before we could do anything.

On every occasion, the balloons ALWAYS touch Baba’s feet first before moving in any direction. Once it could be a coincidence, but if every time Baba’s feet is touched first it cannot be a coincidence.

To give devotees a visual map, we have provided arrows indicating how it all happened. The steps can be seen in the background as well.

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Amma’s Long Jump

By S. Pankanti

Those of who know my amma are well familiar with her physical abilities: she had sadly decades of chronic severe arthritic problems in both her knees. Her continuous working habits wore her knees, knee-caps included, beyond any hope of recovery and remediation. Her both knees had taken the characteristic bow shape which physicians immediately recognized her severe condition of beyond any hope of easy medication; she consumed her daily dose of painkillers and limped along with a happy countenance despite medical problems of various magnitudes.

She packed her day (and night) with devotional deeds and passed her time with Baba’s name on her lips as her schedule permitted.

When smooth marbled architects are marveled around the world and its charm and décor is being discussed, I am sure, we are happy to ignore and dismiss the hazards it poses for an aging arthritic inhabitant with bare grip on the granite ground. For undertaking repairs and remodeling, my family had moved from an independent house to my sister’s upper floor. The marbled limited space was cluttered and congested and was doubly dangerous and perhaps needed no more additional tricks for tripping.

One day, inevitably amma tripped near a threshold rather with a strong momentum and she was catapulted a couple feet. The projected panorama of ensuing crash landing, much dreaded hospital visits and long recovery must have flashed across her mind in that momentous flight and a helpless cry of “Baba!” escaped her livid lips, partly as a habit and partly out of desperate exasperation. Baba must have heard her cry for help in His infinite Grace – because she landed like a petal on a flower bed. When she recalls the incident now at a bare request, her eyes shine and twinkle in a recall of divine glory and of His touch and with moistened eyes she will say: “Baba instantaneously appeared there and cradled me in His hands and gently placed me on the floor”.

PS: Amma recently underwent double knee replacement surgery and she felt Baba was there during her surgery. With His Grace, she is recovering well.

Baba Seals Hole In The Heart Instantly

sai_ba2The mother of an infant girl experienced Baba’s grace in a strange manner. Her daughter was diagnosed with a heart condition needing immediate surgery. She visited Puttaparthi and wrote her daughter’s condition in the most pitiful manner possible. Her daughter was scheduled to undergo surgery at the hospital in Puttaparthi but there was a significant chance that she could lose her life due to the delicate nature of the operation. She was anxious to the extreme and nervously awaited Swami’s darshan.

As she sat in the darshan line, the merciful Lord approached her and quickly took the letter that the helpless mother held out to Him. She was thrilled, no doubt, but her joy was soon transformed into extreme anxiety as Swami took the letter, crumpled it, and threw it out instantly.

She burst into tears inconsolably as helpless onlookers attempted to console her. She lost all hope but had to be by her daughter’s bedside on the day of the surgery. She summoned as much courage as she could and went to the hospital to help her daughter with diagnostic tests that were scheduled on the eve of surgery.

The doctors came rushing to her after the scans. Seeing their rush, her heart almost shut down but the smile on the doctors’ faces prevented her from collapsing. The doctors were extremely excited and revealed to her that her daughter’s heart condition had DISSAPPEARED miraculously. She could not understand what had happened but then realized why Swami had thrown away the letter.

Swami’s destruction of the letter did not symbolize a bad omen (contrary to what she feared) but was rather a proclamation by the Almighty that no surgery was needed. The overjoyed mother-daughter duo visited Swami the following day and thanked Him from the bottom of their hearts. They are live testimonies to the proclamation that Baba has made on innumerable occasions: “I bear the love of a thousand mothers.”

Baba is a Divine Doctor who is capable of sealing not just physical holes, but ones at many levels — spiritual, emotional, personal, and more. All He asks for is a heartfelt plea and sincere adherence to His teachings. We may not be able to understand Baba’s actions in the short run, but in the long term everything will fall in place and Baba will make us understand that whatever He does is always for our own good.

Ten Myths About God

Man Praying

By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

Myth 1: God expects me to give up everything

Truth: God just wants you to give up your “attachment” to everything.

Myth 2: God wants me to pray all the time

Truth: Daily prayer time is good, but you need to fulfill your duties too. While driving, we listen to our favorite music. It makes the journey interesting. In the same way, God wants you to enjoy His company and tune in to the music of His love (in the depth of your heart) while you drive on the road of life and progress toward your goals. Just remember Him in everything you do and see how He helps. Daily prayer is an excellent discipline to help you reach the state of constant remembrance.

Myth 3: God is an angry, punishing entity

Truth: God is love and compassion … infinitely greater than human comprehension. The painful experiences in our life’s journey are meant to usher our evolution and growth on the inner realm. They are milestones that push us to realize the true purpose of life.

Myth 4: God hates me

Truth: There is absolutely nothing in the entire creation that God is not capable of doing. He is incapable of one thing, though: hatred. God simply cannot hate. Children may misinterpret a mother’s actions but the mother only wishes what is best for the child.

Myth 5: God never gives me what I want

Truth: God always gives us what we need — even before we ask. God focuses on the big picture while we tend to worry about the trifles. A mother never allows the child to eat unwholesome food, but she will gladly serve what is best for the child’s health.

Myth 6: God will never speak with me

Truth: God is always speaking to each and everyone of us. He guides us in every moment of our lives. Due to the clutter of thoughts, we cannot hear His voice. Prayers still the mind and allow us to hear His voice clearly. To listen to a radio broadcast, we need to tune in to the right frequency, right?

Myth 7: God is boring

Truth: God is constantly entertaining us. Divine humor! Just look around and feel the wind tickling your cheeks, the breeze playing with your hair, the little ones making you smile, the little incidences that make us laugh in the most unexpected manner … there is joy everywhere in His creation. A mother always tries to make the child laugh, but because the child is so focused on “the toys” she fails to recognize the mother’s efforts.

Myth 8: God needs to be prayed to in a specific language and in a very rigid way

Truth: Partially right, but the language is the one that arises from the heart: LOVE! Speak to God as you would speak to your most beloved friend and watch God dance in joy. You will feel it. Tell Him all that you do. Though He is omniscient, He cherishes the conversations we have with Him. He doesn’t like being ignored either — make Him a part of everything you do.

Myth 9: God won’t forgive my mistakes

Truth: Make a sincere effort to seek forgiveness and avoid repeating mistakes. God is love. He will raise you and hold you in His arms. Even a human parent can’t forsake a child, how can God do so? You are His cherished child.

Myth 10: It is very hard to please God

Truth: It is much, much simpler than you think. It may be hard to please humans, but God will burst into the brightest rainbow smile the moment you think about Him. Try helping others selflessly and see how God reveals His presence in every pore of your being. Serving others is the easiest way to please God. Try it! Small efforts go a long way.

Smile and be happy always. God created you because he loves you. You are a part of His being, His own special child. He will never forsake or forget you!

The Power Of Baba’s Words

baba_discourseNature is nothing but the manifestation of a minute fraction of God’s infinite glory, and billions of ever-expanding universes are mere atoms when compared to the all-powerful Lord. When such a powerful Lord commands His creation on a course of action, it cannot but fulfill that order with all humility and reverence.

The might and majesty of an avatar cannot be comprehended by human intelligence; it can only be experienced. During their physical incarnation, avatars perform countless deeds that are considered miracles in the mortal realm, but in reality they are visible manifestations of divine sankalpa (will). This will is so powerful it can alter even the writ of providence and, when necessary, overrule otherwise unalterable cosmic laws. The warmth of sincere devotion can melt God’s butter-soft heart in an instant, and in response to a devotee’s plea the Lord becomes like a servitor, willing to extend any service possible. When the call is sincere, He will alter even destiny and rescue devotees from sorrow. This has been the experience of innumerable devotees.

Once, a mother-in-law was fortunate enough to experience this grace. She was a pious lady who had a big family with many sons and daughter-in-laws. Despite experiencing all forms of happiness, she was not at peace, for none of her children were able to become parents. She visited Puttaparthi with utmost reverence and placed her sorrow at the feet of the Lord of Parthi. He heard her request with compassion but explained that none of her family members were destined to become parents-that was their fate. She was disheartened but she firmly held Sai’s feet and with tear-filled eyes begged Him to intercede. Swami was moved and asked if she believed in Him. She calmly said that His will was supreme and that He could alter destiny itself, if He so willed. Swami was touched by her faith and blessed her. The following year, she came with beautiful grand children.

During the Shirdi Sai Avatar, a devotee brought several seeds to Shirdi. It was his intense desire to plant trees near Dwarakamai. Baba was reluctant, however, and refused to accede. As time passed, the seeds dried and became incapable of germinating. The devotee was unable to bear his beloved Sai’s refusal. Day and night, he was suffering in anguish. Sainath was unable to see His devotee suffer in this manner and called him to His presence. Baba asked him to quit worrying and also ordered him to plant the dried seeds with faith. He declared that even though the seeds had dried, they would germinate into beautiful plants-and they did.

During another instance, Baba’s devotee, Shama, was bitten by a snake. Frightened by the imminent danger, Shama immediately rushed to His beloved Sai who uttered the following words: “Oh vile bhaturdya (priest), do not climb up. Beware if you do so. Go get away, come down.” Shama was disheartened to think that the words were uttered at him, but in reality they were Sai’s antidote to the poison. It was a direct command ordering the poison to stop rising. Shama recovered completely. On another occasion, Shirdi witnessed a terrifying storm that threatened to devour the entire village. All its inhabitants rushed to their beloved Lord Sai, who in His utmost mercy came to their rescue. His simple words, “Oh, stop; calm your fury,” were sufficient to quell the furious storm in moments.

God is so merciful, He cannot but run for His devotees. He is like the hard-working mother who is always busy performing routine household-in His case, cosmic-duties. Despite her burdens, the mother always provides for the children’s needs and keeps a watchful eye on them. The children may not know or realize this. When they are safe or at play, she continues performing her chores, but if a child starts crying inconsolably, she will leave everything and run to console her darling. Similarly, God, who bears the love of a thousand mothers, rushes to respond to His children’s calls. His simple words will allay all fears and fulfill devotees’ wishes.

Why Fear When I Am Here — How Baba Cured A Devotee’s Knee Injury

dwarakamai_shirdi_saiAn old knee injury had resulted in a serious tear of my left knee’s cartilage (Meniscus). A surgery was recommended but due to some lapse at my end, I had not undergone the treatment. The excruciating pain from the injury relapsed after a period of ten years and I fell to the ground, unable to stand or move. It was almost as if I had lost one leg. I lay frozen on the floor, none around to give me a hand.

I wasn’t covered under a health insurance plan and Sai’s grace was the only insurance I could rely on. As I helplessly looked at Baba’s picture, He diverted my eyes to a car sticker that had the picture of Shirdi Sai Baba with abhaya hasta mudra (the blessing hand gesture granting freedom from fear). I could distinctly read what was written under the picture. The words were “Why fear when I am here.”

As soon as I saw the sticker a miracle happened and as I tried to stand back on my feet I did not experience the slightest pain or discomfort. I have been pain free ever since. In Shirdi, Baba used to cure devotees with a mere glance. His most amazing grace, even looking at his picture is sufficient to cure our physical maladies. Truly Sai is the most amazing phenomenon to grace earth.

Vision Of Baba

cropped-moortis21.jpgBy M. Saxena

We are all in the Om Sai Mandir, singing bhajans. I am in a state of happiness, bliss, and am looking around at the others in the Mandir happily singing. I look up towards Baba’s moortis. They are beautiful. As I am singing, my gaze happily bounces around to see the blissful environment – the devotees singing, some crying, some clapping, then just as I turn towards Baba – I freeze still. The hair on the back of my neck is standing frozen. Standing in front of Baba’s moorti, is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Himself!

He is adorned in His red ochre garment. Though He is somewhat facing the moortis, Baba’s is turned towards me, and is looking at me unblinkingly straight into my eyes. He has red rang (Holi color) on His face. I am stunned and stop breathing. The very night before this dream it was Holi, and we were putting color on each other’s faces. Everyone put color on Baba as a teeka, but I went further and put it on Baba’s face and cheeks Now Baba was in the Mandir, looking at me. No one was else was reacting, in fact, they kept singing. Why was no one noticing?

His presence was so powerful that everyone else seemed unreal. He did not talk, did not blink, just looked, as if mischievously observing. Just narrating this story still gives me goosebumps of joy.