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Stop! Calm Thy Fury! That’s all Baba Said to Calm a Ferocious Storm

By The Editor, Sai Sandesh


When I was doing my Master’s at a local New York University, a strange incidence captivated my young mind. It left an indelible impression and a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Like many young volunteers, I used to spend a significant portion of my time performing various duties at the temple. We were Baba’s young “vanar sena,” or at least that is how we fancied ourselves. Growing up in a divine environment under Baba’s loving guidance was such a blessing and we were fortunate enough to witness numerous inexplicable miracles and acts of Divine Grace.

Once, a terrible storm and intense rain showers had been forecasted by weather experts. As misfortune would have it, the day of the storm was the very day when we had planned Guru Poornima celebrations on a grand scale. Hundreds of devotees were going to visit the temple from various states and large-scale arrangements had been organized. The weather announcement was a terrible blow to all the volunteers who had tirelessly worked day and night to make the event happen.

Little did we know or understand that nature is but a manifestation of God and He controls it with a small gesture of His Divine Eyes. A small nod or an indication of disapproval and nature will obediently retrace its furious steps just the way a ferocious (but loyal) dog stops barking when ordered by its master.

God seldom interferes with nature, but like a stern — but loving — father, He will occasionally keep even nature’s pride in check. Can the creation disobey the creator? Nay!

JAN_24As we sat dejected and worried about the event, my divine guru assured us fearlessness and said “Do not worry; I will intercede with Baba on your behalf!” The guru offered intense prayers to Baba and Baba assured us that the event would go through without a hitch. “But what about the weatherman’s warning, some ‘young rational minds’ thought?” The guru assured: “The weatherman was right, but he merely predicts events, Baba controls them. Have faith on Baba and proceed cheerfully with the festivities.”

Just the way a parched and fatigued man jumps into action as soon as he is rehydrated, we sprang back enthusiastically. Assured of fearlessness, our vanar sena continued the task of preparing for the celebrations. Huge quantities of food were arranged, decorations were setup, and all other arrangements were made as if the weather was no cause for concern. Guru Poornima arrived and we became pensive as we looked at the dark clouds that had overcast the bright blue skies. Ah, the vagaries of the human mind. No amount of reassurance (even from God) can calm the storm of a doubtful mind, can it?

Just then a strange incidence happened, the storm that was predicted to hit us changed course at the last minute and the heavy showers that were to befall on us made their way toward the ocean instead. Not a drop of water fell on us that day and many, many devotees participated in the celebrations. We were just exhilarated beyond description. Baba’s intercession was two-fold: Not only did He keep the storm in check, He even brought an unexpectedly large gathering of devotees, all of whom decided to brave the “forecasted storm” with unconditional faith on Baba.

In the Shirdi Avatar, a similar act of intercession was witnessed by Baba’s children. A huge storm had taken over the small hamlet of Shirdi. Rain water was flooding the weakly-constructed mud houses that were abundant in Shirdi. As the storm threatened to wipe out the very existence of the village, everyone rushed to seek recourse at the feet of Sainath. Could Baba turn away the humble devotees who sought refuge in Him? That can never happen. The Divine Lord Sai rushed outdoors and addressed the skies in a thunderous roar: “Stop! Calm thy fury!” This was a divine command that Mother Nature could not disobey. Within minutes the storm subsided and the simple devotees of Shirdi danced in joy.

baba_holding_sunThe Sathya Sai Avatar, too, performed many such intercessions at the request of devotees. During the Monsoon season, Venkamma was constructing a house. Her team had gathered a large pile of wet bricks that were soon to be baked. Everything was ready for the process but due to the particular day being inauspicious, it was decided to postpone the baking to the following day. A dark stream of clouds engulfed the village skies and everyone was concerned. What if it rains, though? A heavy downpour would undo all their hard work and the bricks would reduce to a useless mound of clay. A neighbor suggested that the bricks should be covered with dry sugar cane leaves and all the villagers proceeded to the other side of River Chitravathi to gather the same.

As devotees were proceeding, Swami raised His palm toward the sky, addressed everyone and said “Venkamma! Vaana raadu!” (The rains will not come). Soon enough, the clouds dispersed and a bright streak of sunlight lit the entire area, basking everyone in the divine halo of sunlight-orange-yellow.

That’s it! His divine abhaya hasta (boon-bestowing hand) was enough to calm Mother Nature. The devotion of the villagers was most amazing as none went to bring the leaves. Everyone returned home knowing fully well that Swami’s words can never be falsified. It did not rain!

Our life, too, can be compared to these storms. Sometimes, huge storms appear to envelope us in the darkness of doubt and despair. As soon as we seek Baba’s refuge, though, everything calms down and the sunlight of Sai-bliss re-invigorates our lives instantly.

The True Story of Sai Trinity


By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

Baba’s devotees often identify Him as a particular form that is deeply cherished in their love-filled hearts. Some invoke the formless God as Shirdi Sai, while others prefer to pray to Him as Sathya Sai, and still others follow the tenets of their own chosen faith or beliefs.

Baba welcomes all these forms of worship and responds to a devotee’s heart-felt call instantly, no matter what name or form is chosen by the worshiper. As Baba has often said “ALL names and forms are Mine. I respond to you in the manner you choose.” In both Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai Avatars, Baba has confirmed this fact and has identified Himself as being one with every Divine identity known to man.

In fact, Sai Himself is not one Avatar but a series of three consecutive divine manifestations that have chosen to incarnate for the redemption and uplift of mankind. The first incarnation in the trinity of Sai Avatars is Shirdi Sai Baba, the Lord of Shirdi; the second, Sathya Sai Baba, the God of Parthi; and the third, Prema Sai Baba, who is to incarnate in due course.

Baba’s mysterious illness

Although the Avatars form a trinity, in truth it is the same God who has chosen to incarnate in three different forms. There is a very interesting story behind the three consecutive incarnations.

The declaration confirming the three Sai Avatars was made in July 1963, when a rather young Sai had taken over a deep form of paralysis that impacted His left hand, leg, and eye for eight consecutive days. He suffered three fatal heart attacks that no ordinary human being could have endured. During this assumed illness, Baba refused to accept any medication or medical treatment. He had willed the illness and the mysterious purpose for the same was revealed during the Guru Poornima Discourse (1963).

On the eighth day of the illness, Baba declared that He would give Guru Poornima darshan and discourse as usual. He was taken on a wheelchair to the area where tens of thousands of devotees had gathered to catch a glimpse of their beloved Sai. As He was seated in the midst of the gathering, Baba whispered in an inaudible and extremely feeble voice “Vinipisthundhaa?” (Do you hear Me?). He then signaled for a glass of water to be brought to Him. Baba sprinkled a little water from the glass on His left hand and leg and stroked His left hand. Immediately, the left hand regained vigor and with both hands, He stroked the left leg.

Lo, the paralysis disappeared instantly. Baba then rose to speak to the august assembly and delivered a powerful Guru Poornima Discourse as if nothing had happened to His physical frame. During the discourse, Baba explained that He had taken the illness to save a devotee who was to undergo paralysis and three fatal heart attacks.

The story of three Sai Avatars

Baba was born in the Bharadwaja Gotra (lineage), Apastamba Sutra. This Bharadwaja Rishi was a great saint, who had mastered several Vedic texts, but despite his arduous penance and effort for nearly three hundred years, he was unable to learn the Vedas, which measured the size of three mountain ranges. Pleased with his penance, Lord Indra appeared to Him and taught the sage a yaga (form of fire worship) that would grant him the fruit of studying all the Vedic texts.

As the sage proceeded to perform the yaga, he wanted to invite Shakti (Mother Parvati) to preside over the ritual. Accordingly, he visited Kailasha, the mythical mountain in the Himalayas where the Divine Shiva and Shakti reside. There, Lord Shiva and the Divine Mother were engaged in a cosmic dance. Although the Mother had seen the sage, she tested his patience by casting a sly glance and smile at him.

After waiting in the biting cold for eight days, the sage was unsure whether he had been ignored or rejected and decided to return to his hermitage. Just as he was descending from Kailasha, he suffered from a terrible form of stroke that affected his left hand, leg, and eye.

As he was about to fall, Lord Shiva appeared there and held his devotee in His own hands. Shiva sprinkled some water on him and cured the paralysis immediately. Pleased with his devotion and patience, the Lord assured him that both He (Lord Shiva) and Shakti would preside over the holy ritual to bless the saint.

On completion of the ceremony, Lord Shiva granted Sage Bharadwaja additional boons:

(i) Lord Shiva would be born in the Bharadwaja lineage thrice—Shiva alone as Shri Shirdi Sai Baba; Shiva and Shakti as Sathya Sai Baba; and Shakti alone as Prema Sai Baba.

(ii) Furthermore, as atonement for Mother Shakti’s neglect of the sage for eight days, she would undergo a similar stroke and on the eighth day of the disease, the Lord would revive Her just as He had saved the sage at Kailasha.

In fulfillment of the boons and Lord Shiva’s promise, the same Lord has chosen Kaliyuga as the time for His three incarnations. It was for this reason that Sathya Sai Baba’s left hand (representing Shakti) underwent paralysis in July 1963. The right side of Baba, symbolizing Lord Shiva, sprinkled water and revived Her, just as He had promised Sage Bharadwaja.

Blessed is Sage Bhardwaja of yore, who became an instrument for the descent of Lord not once, but thrice. Upanishads, too, confirm that there would be a 250-year period wherein God will incarnate thrice. Future generations will look at us with such awe, for we are the “Sai Generation”. They will admire our good fortune, just as we appreciate the destiny of those who walked on earth at the same time as Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, and other divine beings.

We are so blessed to witness (and be part of) a momentous time in the history of mankind. Sai-Yuga, it is!

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Sai Leela: Power Restored Miraculously


In 2005, there was a severe power failure during a hot summer evening. It was late at night and, much to our dismay, ours was the only apartment that was without power. We were concerned about temperature-sensitive medicines that were in our refrigerator, but despite our best efforts the power was not restored.

Our building superintendent did his best too, but was unsuccessful. Finally, after many hours of struggle, he decided to call an electrician the following day.

Before giving up, however, we invoked Baba from the bottom of our heart. Much to the amazement of our super, and to our delight, the power was miraculously restored the moment we sought Baba’s assistance. Seeing this miracle, the super, too, was awestruck and even to this day he asks us to pray to Baba for his welfare. Strange are the ways of the Lord.

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The Power of the Holy Name


By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

Prema Mudita Mana Se Kaho Rama, Rama…

Chant the divine name with a heart suffused with love. The name is indeed a panacea for all sorrows, and the most powerful destroyer of sins.

Swami has assured us: “Chanting the divine name will destroy even mountains of sins and sorrows, and grant liberation. Do not fear.”

Once a pilgrim reached a forest at night. He found that he had to go through five miles before he could reach a village. He had a small lantern in the hand; he lighted it, but found to his dismay that the flicker could light only a yard ahead of him. How can I walk five miles with the help of this tiny circle of light, he lamented. A wise man passed that way, saw his plight, and said, “My dear fellow, hold that lantern in the hand and walk on. You can go five miles or fifty, and you will always be in the circle of light around the lantern.” A small torch can help a man pass through a thick forest. The instrument may be small, but it can do work out of all proportion to its size. So, do not think that the Name of the Lord is just a mutter of a syllable or two. Though small, through it one can realize the principle of Divinity.

Lord is present where the name is

The Lord announced to Narada (a divine saint): “Wherever my Bhaktas [devotees] sing my glories, I install Myself there.” A house is kept clean by daily sweeping; in the same way constant Naama Smarana will keep the heart constantly clean, pure, and a worthy receptacle of the Lord’s presence and grace.1

Naama Samkeerthanam [group singing of the divine name]

The Names Raama, Hari, Hara, Sai, Baba, Krishna, Jesus, Allah–having each two syllables are all derived from the word Prema [love], which is the essence and core of the Atma [soul]. Love has to prompt our thoughts, penetrate our words and promote our actions. The melody must emerge from the heart, from genuine Love, which is so ardent that it is thapas [austerity] itself. Samkeerthanam from such soulswill certainly liberate the individual and transform the world.2 Chanting the name is so easy, one can even chant while playing, working, traveling, and performing activities of daily life.

The Name

The Name is the container of infinite potence. Even common words denoting things do possess some potency. For example, when the word denoting some thing very sour to the taste is pronounced, you find that your tongue waters. When the word denoting something that is awfully disgusting is pronounced, you are afflicted with nausea. When such is the effect of the pronunciation of common words, what can we say of the tremendous transformation that takes place when the sweet Name of the ever-present Indweller is pronounced! 3

The Name must flow in the mind in an uninterrupted stream. Naamasmarana is yoga [process of uniting with God]; of calming the agitations of the mind; of subduing waves of emotions and feelings. The Naama [name] must always be associated, while intent on the Smarana [remembering, recalling], with the Naami [the Named One]. It is not a mere sound; it is the symbol of a Form, of a Fact. When the branch of a tree rubs against another, heat is generated and in the depths of a forest, fires are started when this heat grows strong. But the process must be without break; breaks only decrease the heat. So, the repetition of the Name must be without break. Then the fire of Jnaana [Realization of Reality] will burn all weakness and delusion. 3

The power

Jnaana Dev and Naama Dev were walking through a forest. They felt thirsty but could not catch sight of a well or a lake anywhere. At last they saw a well and ran towards it. They eagerly looked into it; there was water in the well, but how could they drink? There was neither a rope nor a vessel to draw water. There was no question of somehow going into the well as the well was dilapidated. Jnaana Dev simply closed his eyes. Soon he was transformed into a bird. He flew into the well and drank water to his fill. Naama Dev began chanting the name of Lord with intense devotion. The water level began to rise slowly until at last it was within reach. He just put his hands into the well and drank water. Such is the power of the Name.4

Raamadas revives a dead bird

Young Raamadas [a well-known saint] was once challenged to prove his archery skills. He was asked to shoot down a flying bird; intent on proving his abilities, he immediately shot a flying bird with an arrow. Killing of life, however, is a great sin and a few priests asked him to repent for this deed. Raamadas promptly closed his eyes and prayed to God wholeheartedly, repenting for his sin and asking for His forgiveness. Then he opened his eyes and pointed out to the prieststhat the dead bird had not regained life, in spite of his repentance. The priests, not knowing God’s power,said reprovingly, “How crazy you are! Repentance cannot undo what is done; but its purpose is to enable you to make up your mind not to repeat such misdeeds.”

“That is no repentance in my humble view;” countered Raamadas, “God and His name are so powerful that if we pray sincerely, His grace will bring the bird back to life.” So saying, he picked up the dead bird, hugged it to his bosom, and with tears flowing down his cheeks, he wholeheartedly prayed, “O Raama, if I have been chanting your name with all my mind, heart and soul and if it is a fact that I have killed this bird out of ignorance, may your grace either revive this dead bird, or take away my life also along with that of the bird.”

As he concluded his prayer, the bird fluttered in his hands. Then he opened his eyes, thanked the Almighty and released the bird into the sky. Astonished at this miracle, the priestsexclaimed in one voice, “Revered sir, forgive us for not recognizing your greatness. Since you have the capacity to kill a flying bird with a single arrow, and also the capacity to revive the dead bird, you will hereafter be known by the worthy name of ‘Samartha Raamadhas.’”5

One can chant any Divine Name of any form. It must be chanted with devotion and in an uninterrupted manner. Whether at work, at play, or in the midst of travel, the divine name can be chanted in the mind or aloud with utmost ease. Let us make a firm resolution to hold fast to this easy remedy for attaining happiness.





5. Discourse on 19-3-1993,  when Bhagavaan gave a detailed account of the life of Samartha Raamadhas, the great Mahaaraashtra saint.

Baba’s Feet Can Save us from All Calamities

baba_feet_osmBy The Editor, Sai Sandesh

Once, Baba called a young boy and said: “Tomorrow afternoon, come and hold my feet. No matter what you see, don’t leave them.”

The boy came to Baba the following day and started massaging His feet. While he was doing so, a demonic lady appeared there and made an attempt to come close to him. The boy remembered Baba’s warning and held on to His feet despite the presence of the ferocious form.

As she tried to come closer to the boy, Baba warned her to back off. She told Baba, “Sainath, I want Him.” Baba replied, “I will not give him to you.” The two continued and she made a feeble attempt to snatch the boy. As soon as she neared Baba, the Lord gave her a hard kick. She flew away from the place and fell on the other side of the wall, only to disappear from the scene.

Baba then explained that the demonic lady was actual the deity of a dangerous disease. She wanted to kill the boy on that particular day, but because he was holding on to Baba’s feet she could not do anything.

Always hold on to Baba’s feet. Only His feet can save us from EVERY calamity.

God’s Actions are Mysterious but Always Beneficial

By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

swami_blessing“Love my uncertainty,” says Baba. These three profound words are a gospel to those who have understood and experienced their significance. Baba has a mysterious way of bringing out the best outcome from what appear to be life’s most catastrophic and painful events.

Recently, when I was in Puttaparthi I heard the story of a woman who was desperately trying to give a letter to Baba. The letter was an outpouring of her deepest feelings, for she had sought relief from many troubling circumstances and had requested Baba to save her little daughter who was to undergo a dangerous heart operation. When Baba came her way, He took the letter from her outstretched hands, crumpled it, and threw it back at her without even looking at it.

The woman was very disappointed that Baba did not even read her letter but was consoled by others that she was at least fortunate enough to receive something that had touched Baba’s divine hand. She was in for a surprise, though. When she visited the hospital after this incidence a strange miracle happened. The very doctors who had diagnosed her daughter’s condition were discussing a mind-boggling miracle. A series of tests revealed that the child was absolutely normal. There was no need for surgery, since her heart ailment had been cured mysteriously, nay, miraculously. It was then that the mother realized why Baba had thrown away the letter. The outward act of throwing the letter was nothing but an indication that He had canceled the ailment that was troubling the little child. How merciful, how compassionate. Not only Baba, all saints act in this manner.

Once, two devotees, husband and wife, visited the ashram of Swami Nityananda. The two were unable to have children. Every time the wife would conceive, the pregnancy would terminate inexplicably. When the wife was carrying again, the couple decided to visit Swami Nityananda and seek His divine blessings. They dutifully made up a temporary home within the ashram’s premises and would devotedly serve the Master every single day. Much to their dismay, however, the wife lost the baby again and the couple lost all hope.

Someone in the ashram said, “I wish this hadn’t happened here.” At this, the sage calmly replied, “You cannot understand divine mysteries. Due to karmic forces, the same soul was repeatedly being forced to manifest in the lady’s womb. The soul was intent on deliverance (liberation) but was being dragged down due to previous bonds. His desire for liberation was so intense, he was trying to escape birth repeatedly. This time, I dragged them to my feet and as a result of my grace the soul was liberated easily. From hereon, the couple will be able to have children easily.” What appeared to be a tragic event in the human realm was really a beneficial outcome for not one, but three individuals.

A brahmin devotee was a follower of Akkalkot Maharaj (an incarnation of Lord Dattratreya). At that time, the Maharaj used to live on a tree. The devotee would often visit the saint and offer food at the foot of the tree. For some time, the saint accepted these offerings but left to live at another place. The devotee continued submitting his daily offerings, however. Unbeknownst to the devotee, a demon was devouring these offerings daily. Pleased with his devoted service, Maharaj asked the devotee to seek a boon. The brahmin did not have children for a very long time and so he sought a child from the saint. Akkalkot Maharaj (Sri Samarth) said, “A child will come, but he will go away.”

The brahmin’s wife soon gave birth to a son. When the child grew up, the father took him to visit Sri Akkalkot Maharaj’s temple. As soon as they reached within the precincts of the temple, the child became terrified and refused to go closer to the deity. The father persisted, however, and dragged the boy to the sanctum sanctorum, but much to his dismay, the boy died in the Swami’s presence and the father was grief-stricken. Immediately, the saint appeared there and consoled the wailing devotee by reminding him of what he forewarned (A child will come, but he will go away). The Maharaj then explained that the son was really the demon who had partaken of the holy food. By bringing the son in the saint’s holy presence, Akkalkot Maharaj had liberated him from his painful existence. The brahmin finally realized God’s workings and sought blessings to have another child. Due to God’s grace a son did take birth in a very short period of time and the entire family lived happily.

Such are God’s workings. Always mysterious, but always beneficial.

The Guru Charitra narrates the wonderful account of a devotee whom the Lord Dattatreya visited in His physical form. The Lord appeared at the doorstep of the devotee in the form of a monk begging for food. The devotee was not at home and his wife attended to the needs of the Guru. On His way out, the Lord uprooted a vegetable plant that was the only source of meals for the family. When the wife discovered this, she was petrified and wailed inconsolably. The devotee returned to find his wife bemoaning the loss.

He was a true devotee, however, and explained to her the importance of equanimity in the wake of pain and pleasure, both products of our own actions. After the explanation, he tried to replant the tree and in the process discovered a pot of gold that was buried there. Had the Lord not inflicted the momentary pain, could the family have discovered the buried treasure?

Lord Krishna gave a unique demonstration about this truth as well. A brahmin devotee once came to seek His blessings. On securing Krishna’s blessings, the brahmin’s cow (his only source of sustenance) died immediately. Arjuna was by Krishna’s side when this happened and he did not lose the opportunity to question the strange occurrence.

The Divine One immediately explained that He wanted to grace the brahmin with divine blessings, a pre-requisite for which would be unconditional reliance on God. Reliance on one’s own possessions would only hinder the divine blessings that were to fill the brahmin’s life. In the worldly sense this event would be considered a tragedy, but in reality it served as blessing in disguise, for the brahmin’s responsibility was being borne by none other than the merciful Lord Himself.

When we are surrounded by difficult circumstances, we often experience pain and disappointment, but it is only when we look back at the course of events that we realize that all did happen for a good reason, for our own good. Our vision is short-sighted but God has an aerial view of things and so He knows what is best for us and always does what is best for us in the long run.

Do not be Afraid — I am With you

By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

shirdi_saiSwami has a strange way of communicating with His children. At times, he grants visions while at other times he communicates via thoughts, books, or any other form He may deem appropriate. One thing that is sure about these communications, though, is that the devotee will always recognize these communications as direct hints from Swami. The heart just knows when that happens.

During a recent visit to India, I had the opportunity to experience Swami’s omnipresence. A strange characteristic of this journey was that every time I would worry about some impending danger, I would some how come across a picture of Akkalkot Maharaj (an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya) with the following words written underneath: “Do not be afraid. I am with you.” Almost immediately after seeing any such picture, the trouble would just vanish in thin air. I experienced this concurrence numerous times and was convinced that it was Swami who was communicating with me in that manner.

Just one day before my return to US, my father suddenly developed a heart ailment. Most tests run the previous night were not conclusive and were indicative of something abnormal. I was not sure if I could leave him in that condition. My return was necessary, however, and I was in a dilemma. We decided to rush him to the hospital for a final test and while we were on our way I kept hoping that if I could somehow see that picture of Akkalkot Maharaj, it would be a sure sign that everything will be well. It was very early in the morning and since all shops were closed, the chances of that happening appeared to negligible, if not impossible.

God does not need to depend on human instruments, however. Just as I was thinking in this manner, a taxi overtook us, rather unexpectedly. At first, we were shocked at the way the cab driver maneuvered his vehicle ahead of ours-it was very, very abnormal. But my initial shock was soon transformed into relief because the back window of the car had a painting of the very picture I was looking for and the very words I wanted to hear: “Do not be afraid. I am with you.” It was almost as if Swami had made the driver act in the rash manner only so that He could fulfill my heartfelt desire and reassure me.

Needless to say, all the tests suddenly changed from the results that had come out the previous night and my father was given a clean bill of health.

I Want you to Live for Me

By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

dwarakamai_shirdi_saiIn times of trials and tribulations, it is natural for us feel dejected and weak. Baba, however, teaches His devotees to be brave despite the worst of odds and battle even the most trying circumstances all the way through.

A devotee of Shirdi Baba, Gopal Narayan Ambedkar, Poona, was suffering from unbearable circumstances. His life had become extremely painful and no matter what he tried, extreme sorrow just did not appear to leave his life. He tried many remedies and would visit Baba every year to seek His divine intervention. Every time he would plead his tale, The Lord would urge him to have faith and to be patient.

In 1916, however, his cup of sorrow was overflowing and unable to bear the pangs of suffering, he decided to end his life in Baba’s holy presence. With this intention he visited Shirdi and just when he was about to throw himself into a local well, Sagun Meru Naik, a devotee of Baba, came to the scene and asked him, “Did you ever read this Akkalkotkar Maharaj’s life?” Ambedkar casually took the book and as soon as he opened it there was the story of a devotee of Akkalkotkar Maharaj who suffered from an incurable ailment. With the intention of ending his misery, he decided to end his life and just as he was about to do so, the Holy Maharaj rescued him and said, “You must enjoy the fruit (good or bad) of your past actions; if the enjoyment be incomplete, suicide won’t help you. You have to take another birth and suffer again. So, instead of killing yourself, why not suffer for some more time and finish the store of your past deeds and be done with them once and for all?” Why suffer repeatedly?

Ambedkar was moved by this timely warning and decided to cancel his cowardly act. He had understood Baba’s hint through this story and his faith in Baba was confirmed. This time, Ambedkar decided to be brave and with re-doubled faith he started worshipping God and concentrated on improving his prospects. He gained fair renown as an astrologer and was soon able to improve his financial circumstances and lead a happy existence thereafter.

Had Ambedkar followed through with his plan, he would have never been able to enjoy the happy moments that were in store for him.

sai_ba2Swami has a unique way of handling circumstances and teaching life-changing lessons through the most unexpected of circumstances. Once, Swami called one of his young students and said, “What can you do for my sake?” This little child was very innocent and said, “Swami, anything. I will even sacrifice my life for your sake.”

The young lad never expected Swami to capitalize on this comment, though. Swami, however, looked at him and said, “Can you go to the top floor of this tall building and jump down for my sake?” The student was shocked. He loved Swami more than anything in this world and had just given his word that he would unhesitatingly sacrifice his life for the Lord. Now that the Lord had requested that sacrifice what could he do? He mustered all the courage he could and said, “Yes Swami!” No sooner had he said that, he started walking toward the stairs.

Would our sweet Lord ever allow His innocent children to fall in this manner? Nay! Never! Swami immediately ran to His beloved child, hugged him and said, “My sweet child, I don’t want you to die for Me. I want you to live for Me!”

“I want you to live for Me!”-what a profound message Swami gave that day, not just to that student, but to all of us. He wants us to live selfless lives and do good to one and all.

The Power of Thoughts

swami_serving_foodDo you offer prayers before you eat your food?

Baba once narrated a beautiful story:

There was a guru and disciple who visited a fellow-devotee’s house. They were served a sumptuous meal. While leaving, though, the disciple quietly whisked away a vessel from the host’s house.

On reaching their destination, the disciple could no longer bear the guilt and confessed everything to his guru. He also begged the guru to explain why he had behaved in this manner as he was not generally prone to stealing. The guru knew the disciple well and went into meditation to seek an answer to their dilemma.

On awakening from his trance, the guru explained that the host’s cook was a professional thief before taking up the profession of a cook. Although he had given up his bad ways, his thoughts still centered around stealing. The cook was holding on to his stealing tendencies mentally and that was the reason why the disciple, who was still spiritually unripe, was affected by his thoughts.

Apart from expressing gratitude to God, there is a very sound reason for offering food to God before eating. As soon as we do so, the food becomes purified and all subtle impurities (not visible to us) are purified immediately.

In fact, in Puttaparthi, a Kirlian photographer who was an expert in capturing auras took pictures of food before and after it was offered to God (by reciting the Brahmaarpanam mantra). The before picture did not depict any particular aura but once the food was consecrated by offering to God, a distinct blue aura appeared around the food.

When the Kirlian photographer, Dr. Baranowski, asked Baba for an explanation, He said:

“The Brahmaarpanam mantra is a very powerful mantra and that after recitation, the food is converted to prasadam, since it has been offered to God. It further purifies the food and all items around it. That is why the blue aura was found around the plates of food after the mantra was recited.”

Sweet-Tasting Water Miraculously Manifests At Om Sai Mandir On New Year’s Day 2014

Today, January 01, 2014, New Year’s Day, we witnessed a strange manifestation at Om Sai Mandir. After finishing the morning Rudra/Sai Abhishekam, we saw streams of water emanating from a picture of Baba’s feet. The water was unmistakably sweet. Devotees were present when the water manifested from Swami’s feet.

On previous occasions, devotees have felt the appearance of vibhuti from the same picture. For the benefit of devotees, we are providing pictures from the miracle:


The arrow points to streams of water flowing while a bigger drop is circled


This is a close-up of Baba’s feet. The manifestation of holy water can be clearly seen within the circle.


Another view of the water stream flowing through Baba’s feet.