If You Constantly Think of God, He will Take Care of You; Practicing One Teaching is Better than Reading about a Hundred


There was a Gita scholar who was well-renowned. Even kings from far-away places would call upon him to deliver discourses and explain fine details about the Gita. Once, he visited a king who asked him the meaning of a particular shloka.

Ananyas chintayanto Maam Yae Janaah Pary Upaasate Taesham Nithya abhi yuktaanam Yoga kshemem Vahami-aham

Summarily, at a deep level, it means that if we constantly meditate on God, He will take care of our material and spiritual welfare.

The king asked the scholar for its meaning but was not satisfied with the answers. The scholar tried to explain in many ways but the king simply did not like the answers.

The scholar went home and was thinking deeply about ways to impress the king. His wife saw him in that pensive state and asked what the matter was. He refused to answer thinking that she was illiterate and couldn’t understand these matters. At her constant asking, however, he replied. She did not sound impressed with how he explained the shloka.

Now his ego was hurt and he screamed at his wife for defying a scholar. He chided her for being unable to understand higher spiritual concepts, but little did he know about her greatness. She may not have read countless books, but she did practice what she had learnt. Despite his anger, she remained calm and said, “What does the shloka teach and what do you practice?”

Though angry he thought about what she said and realized that he was not practicing what he was teaching and that was the reason the king was not impressed. If he really believed in God, why would he want the mercy of human kings. Of course, he has to work hard but did he need to go out of the way and sell his soul to impress human “toy kings”.

Next day, he decided to rely on God and God alone and did not visit the king. After performing his daily duties, he sat engrossed in deep prayer and constant repetition of God’s name. The king sent for him but his wife informed the soldiers that he was in prayer. Then the king sent his minister but he did not go. His minister was informed that he was in deep prayer and that he was focusing on the king of the universe.

Finally, the king himself came to his house. At first the king felt insulted and wanted to punish him but on seeing him in deep prayer he calmed down. Such was the power of prayer and faith that the king himself had to come to visit a scholar. It was then that the king understood the true meaning (and power) of the shloka.

The king went and touched his feet and offered him enough wealth to last a lifetime.

If we constantly think of God and perform our duties, God WILL provide for us and take care of us in both material and spiritual matters. Doesn’t Baba teach the same. He has assured us that He will provide for our spiritual and material needs if we turn to Him. Omsaimandir.org

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