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God’s Name Protects from All Dangers


Once, Swami called a brother-sister duo for an interview. They had lost their parents in a plane crash. Swami said that even if one person on that plane had chanted Gayatri Mantra three times, everyone would have been saved.

Baba proved this fact through a real life experience. I came across this miracle of Baba when I was a student. A catholic priest was working at a church in New Jersey. As he was traveling by plane, intense turbulence hit the plane and everyone on board started panicking.

This priest was on the plane and he remained calm and started reciting some prayers from the Bible. As we know Baba embodies all deities so in response to this priest’s prayers, Baba manifested on the plane. He gave the priest His blessings and a packet of vibhuti with His picture.

The priest had no idea who this Indian-looking Divine Being was but he was very happy that the turbulence stopped and everyone was saved.

As soon as he returned to New Jersey, he wanted to find out who this person was so he enlarged the picture Baba gave and placed it in his church.

That day, an Indian woman visited the church. She was excited to see Baba’s picture there and asked the priest how he got it. When the priest narrated the story, she had tears in her eyes and told the priest about Sai Baba.

The priest was overjoyed and visited Baba’s temple here in New York to thank Baba. He even became interested in Sai Satcharita. Such is our Baba. He loves everyone and rushes to help as soon as we call Him sincerely.

Where Can You Find God — Baba

Man PrayingIn the beginning, the gods knew that the knowledge of God is very precious. They were very worried that this precious knowledge should not fall into the wrong hands so they wanted to hide this treasure of knowledge somewhere.

First, they thought that they will hide the knowledge in mountains but then man can climb mountains with ease so they decided to hide elsewhere. Then they thought they will hide this knowledge in the oceans, but then again man can swim and dive so “bad idea!”

In this manner they thought of all secret places but each was within man’s reach.

Finally, Lord Brahma said, “I will hide this sacred knowledge in man’s own heart because he will never ever care to look there. Man always looks outside in search of wealth, fame, power, possessions, etc.” Finally, all gods agreed.

There you have it. Baba (God) and His knowledge is not in some secret place. It is within your own heart. Dig deep within and find Him. That is the purpose of our journey on earth. Sai Ram!

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