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Om Sai Mandir’s Service Programs are Free and Accessible to Everyone Irrespective of their Religious Background or Other Beliefs

Love All, Serve All! This is the message Baba has taught us to live by. Sai Baba did not preach any religion. Instead, He embraced every religion, every belief as a pathway to one truth. As such, he did not establish a religious order. Instead, He taught us to love everyone and serve everyone. Love is our religion, service of others is our fundamental duty, and acceptance of each and every person as our universal brethren is our sacred belief.

Om Sai Mandir, though established for religious purposes, does not discriminate against anyone wishing to gain benefit of its service programs. Anyone, from any religion, can come to the mandir and seek assistance and benefit from the following SEVA programs:

1. Free Food Distribution

Daily at 8.30 AM, 12.30 PM, 6.30 PM, and 8.30 PM, food is distributed at no cost to anyone who wishes to obtain a hot meal. The service is free, open to everyone, and no registration is required. Simply walk in and ask for a meal after the arti every day.

2. Free Career Guidance and Resume Writing Assistance

Stuck in your career? Looking for a job? Need help with your resume? Walk in at the temple and schedule an appointment for free career coaching and resume writing assistance. The program is open to everyone and no fees are accepted for the service.

3. Free Immigration Assistance

If you are an immigrant, the complex maze of immigration services may appear daunting but fear not. We are here to help. An attorney will guide you through the various immigration options at no cost to you other than what the government charges (paid directly to the government) but the legal assistance is free.

4. Free Notary Services

Need a document notarized? Come over to Om Sai Mandir and we will notarize the document at no charge.

5. Government Benefits

Need to apply for food stamp assistance? Rental vouchers? Medicaid? If you qualify for these benefits, we will explain the various options available to you and assist you with filling out applications. The guidance and services are free.

6. Free Education in Human Values

The basic human values–truth, love, peace, non-violence, etc. are a part of every civilized society. Human values are not constrained by race, religion, or belief but are universal and we offer free education in human values programs for children up to 16 years. Adults may participate in these programs as well.

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