Hold On To Baba’s Feet — He Will Surely Save You!

i_am_love_on_two_feetA devotee of Baba, Das Ganu, wanted to visit Prayag, a sacred place where holy rivers meet. When Ganu visited Baba to seek His permission and blessings, Baba explained that all holy spots were at His feet and that there was no need to go elsewhere. No sooner had Sai said this, streams of holy water started emanating miraculously from Baba’s lotus feet. Ganu was astounded to see this miracle, but was convinced that resorting to Sai’s feet was equivalent to bathing in the holiest of rivers.

Resorting to His feet removes countless sins

In an earlier age, to rescue earth from the rule of demonic forces, God assumed the form of a saintly lad, Vamana, and accosted the king of demons, Bali. On seeing a tender lad at his doorstep, Bali asked the boy to seek a boon. Vamana asked for land that could be measured by His three steps. Seeing the small physical frame of the lad, Bali humored the child for asking such a trivial boon from a great king, but promised to fulfill his desire nevertheless.

Almost immediately, Vamana started growing in size. He grew to such gigantic proportions that with one foot he covered the entire earth and with the other, the heavens and nether regions.

When God’s foot reached heavenly regions, Lord Brahma, the creator, rushed to worship the divine foot with holy water. It was this water that later descended to earth in the form of the river Ganges. The reason the holy river is able to purify millions of sinners is because it had come in contact with God’s foot.

Contact with God’s feet is transformational

When Lord Rama was in the forests, He happened to visit a hermitage where Ahalya had been cursed to assume the form of a stone for 10,000 years. While at the ashram, Rama placed His foot on the stone and, lo, it was miraculously transformed into the divine mother Ahalya.

She was not only rescued from her inert condition, she was granted liberation from the cycle of birth and death–all for a moment’s contact with God’s feet. If a stone can be transformed into a woman by contacting God’s feet, imagine what could happen to humans. Is it any surprise that the
Goddess of Wealth, Mother Lakshmi, is always serving God’s feet?

His feet can fulfill desires and remove miseries

When Saptanekar, a devotee who was dejected due to the death of his son, held Baba’s feet very firmly, Sai compassionately uttered the following words: “These feet are old and holy, you are carefree now. Place faith in me and you will soon get your object.” On saying this Baba placed the
departed soul back into the very womb (of Saptanekar’s wife) from which it had died. Saptanekar was overjoyed to have his son back.

The Satcharita describes a wonderful dream that Anandrao had:

“I was standing in waist-deep water. There I saw Sai Baba all of a sudden. He was sitting on a  beautiful throne studded with diamonds. His feet were in water. I was most pleased and satisfied with the form of Baba. The vision was so realistic that I never thought it was a dream. Curiously enough Madhavrao was also standing there. He said to me feelingly, “Anandrao, fall at His feet.” I rejoined, “I also wish to do so, but His feet are in water, how can I place my head on them? I am helpless.” Hearing this he said to Baba “Oh Deva, take out your feet which are under water.” Then Baba immediately took out His feet. I caught them without delay and bowed to them. On seeing this Baba blessed me saying, “Go now you will attain your welfare, there is no cause for fear or anxiety.”

Why worship the feet

The act of reverently worshipping God’s feet is an ancient practice. It is said that the feet hold the entire weight of man’s body and help him progress from one place to another. Further, circulation of blood reaches from the feet to the heart and the feet are thus said to be connected to the heart in a very special way.

Bowing to someone’s feet is also considered an act of humility, reverence, and surrender. In the case of God, He carries the burden of the entire universe on his divine body and since God’s cosmic body rests on His feet, they are the holiest. Surrendering to His feet is the surest and easiest way to reach His heart and secure divine blessings.

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