You Never Know When God Will Bless

dwarakamai_babaThere was once an ardent devotee of God. He chanted God’s name millions of times but could not win a vision of the Divine. Having pushed his efforts to the extreme, he felt very frustrated and dejected due to the lack of progress in his spiritual efforts.

Finally, one day he just decided to just give up. He packed his belongings and proceeded to leave the temple where we had been practicing penance for so many years. Just as he was about to take his first step, Kaal Bhairav, a deity, manifested in front of him and said, “My child, where are you leaving? One must complete a good undertaking and avoid giving room to doubts and frustrations.” The devotee was pleased to see the vision but that was not the deity he was trying to appease. His goal was to secure of vision of God in the form of the Divine Mother. The devotee expressed this desire to Kaal Bhairav and questioned why he had been unable to achieve success in his endeavors.

Kaal Bhairav smiled and said, “Child, as a result of all the prayers you did so far you were able to burn all your past karma. It was because your karma has been nullified that you could win my vision. If you make the slightest effort now, the Divine Mother will manifest her presence and grace you.”

The devotee was extremely delighted and encouraged at this emphatic statement and decided to pursue his prayers with an even greater zeal. No sooner did he start, the Holy Mother granted Her vision and blessed the devotee profusely.

The line between failure and success is very thin. The last bit of effort might just be the one that could lead you to your goal. Sai Ram!

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