True Devotees Believe that God Can Do the Impossible


Once, Lord Vishnu sent Narada to earth to find out who is a true devotee of God. First, Narada went to all the scholars and powerful people who were “acting” as if they were true devotees. Wherever he went the people would ask him, “Divine Sage, pray, tell us what God is doing now.” Narada would say, “He is passing an elephant through a needle’s eye!” Everyone would laugh at Narada and so he felt dejected that there were no true devotees of God.

Finally, Narada saw an illiterate cobbler. The cobbler asked Narada the same question and he gave the same response. On hearing the answer, the cobbler’s eyes were wet with tears of joy. He said, “why an elephant, God can pass the whole universe through a needle’s eye. Nothing is impossible for God.”

Simple devotees have faith that God can do anything. Nothing is impossible for God.

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