One thought on “water_baba_feet_1

  1. Veni

    Devotee is too a big word to describe myself as for MAA. Am still a toddler on this path of bhakti and tend to cling on to my MAA fearing that I’d lose her. This fear stays with me constantly. In this effort of remaining with her forever, I try to remain with one pointed devotion and hence never think of any other form of truth. Though I have been to Baba temple on rare occassions that too on my Guru ji’s instruction, but I must admit that it was always with half-heart. Inspite of all this, what bewilders me is that Baba’s Vibhuti reaches me in way or other without my efforts. I always ‘accidentally’ keep crossing Baba’s pallaki. Each time making me feel that he is calling me. It is true that one need not go in search of a Guru, GURU ONLY REACHES HIM…….


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