Sweet-Tasting Water Miraculously Manifests At Om Sai Mandir On New Year’s Day 2014

Today, January 01, 2014, New Year’s Day, we witnessed a strange manifestation at Om Sai Mandir. After finishing the morning Rudra/Sai Abhishekam, we saw streams of water emanating from a picture of Baba’s feet. The water was unmistakably sweet. Devotees were present when the water manifested from Swami’s feet.

On previous occasions, devotees have felt the appearance of vibhuti from the same picture. For the benefit of devotees, we are providing pictures from the miracle:


The arrow points to streams of water flowing while a bigger drop is circled


This is a close-up of Baba’s feet. The manifestation of holy water can be clearly seen within the circle.


Another view of the water stream flowing through Baba’s feet.

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2 thoughts on “Sweet-Tasting Water Miraculously Manifests At Om Sai Mandir On New Year’s Day 2014

  1. Violette

    Is water still flowing from Baba’s feet? I would love to get a drop of that holy water. You are truly blessed to have experienced this miracle.
    Sai Ram

  2. Geetha

    I can truly say that swami works his miracles in mysterious ways. How wonderful and I must add the devotees of Om Sai Mandir are truly blessed. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed one of those miracles during Eashwaramma day 2011 when I visited the mandir, when the palm of Swamis hand appeared on the upper window. I felt very much blessed myself just being there and experiencing this.
    To all the devotees at Om Sai Mandir, especially Jasmin and Sheetal who made my husband and I feel so welcome, we truly love you and will never forget the hospitality we received. Thank You


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