The Power Of Prayers: Countless Problems Vanish

moortis2.jpgA group of elder devotees were once praying to Baba at the mandir. Suddenly, Baba appeared in front of them. Usually, Baba appears with a bright aura around Him and He reveals His form, bright and resplendent as a million suns. This time, however, Baba appeared to be covered with a thick, dark black liquid.

Everyone was shocked to see the substance around Baba and requested Him to explain the meaning of the vision. Baba then said: “Millions of devotees pray to Me asking for several material benefits. Often, their past sins come on their way and so I take on their sufferings and sins on Myself to relieve them and give them an opportunity to move toward a brighter future. I don’t mind suffering for the sake of My devotees. The black liquid you see is their sufferings that I have taken on Myself.”

One elder devotee could not see Baba in this form and begged Baba to show a way to minimize the impact of these sins. At first Baba kept quiet but upon repeated requests, finally gave way and in His characteristic compassionate voice said, “Don’t lose heart. Even mountains of sins will disappear if you pray sincerely. Chant God’s name.”

The band of devotees took this advice seriously and collectively started chanting God’s name 27,000 times. Upon completion of each round of 1,000 names the black liquid would start reducing little by little. Finally when the round of 27,000 names was completed Baba appeared bright as a million suns. Countless sins from humanity had vanished by this small effort by a determined group of devotees.

Indeed prayers are very powerful. If we adopt the practice of praying daily, all our sins will be burnt to ashes and our future will become very bright.

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9 thoughts on “The Power Of Prayers: Countless Problems Vanish

  1. jagannathan

    A timely reminder that prayers alone can bring peace welfare and spiritual progress even now the troubled times.

  2. pushpa naidoo

    I thank you very much for this article
    It gives me much hope as I am very sick at the moment
    But I will pray as much as I can,as I always did and will not loose hope
    I know Baba knows best
    Om Sai Ram

  3. udiksha

    Sai ram
    Thank you for posting such a beautiful message. I guess baba has his ways to keep reminding us what we should do to alleviate our sufferings.

    Thank you so much for the reminder. :)


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