Did Baba Ever Get Angry?


By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

Anger is a human quality. The Divine Lord is devoid of anger. He is pure love, bliss, and happiness. At times, Baba did feign anger to transform His devotees and that would be like a mother scolding the child for its own benefit. Even the mother’s “feigned anger,” however, is filled with selfless love. There is not a trace of hatred interlaced with anger.

In both Sai avatars, Baba appeared angry to human understanding, but in reality He was acting out of pure love. To quote a few instances: Once, a saint called Gadge Maharaj came to Shirdi because he was having some trouble starting a divine project. As soon as Baba saw Him, Baba let loose a volley of angry words. The onlookers were perplexed but Gadge Maharaj starting laughing and was very happy (because he could understand a fraction of Baba’s glory). As soon as Baba spoke those words, all the difficulties in way of the Maharaj’s project disappeared. This was the reason why Gadge Maharaj was so happy. How Divine are Baba’s acts.
In Puttaparthi, too, Baba would often act in this manner to transform His children. Once, a married woman came to Baba with a strange problem. Her husband was very suspicious and he would always doubt on her. Baba called the couple for an interview and explained to the husband that his wife was pure and holy like mother Sita. Despite Baba’s intervention, the husband’s mind was filled with unnecessary doubts.

When the couple was returning to their home, the husband was sleeping in the train. Suddenly, he was awakened to a strange phenomenon. In the train, an orange light appeared from nowhere and from that light emerged Baba. He sat on the man and started beating him up, repeatedly telling the man to believe the fact that his wife was pure and holy. Finally, the husband relented and assured Baba that he will never doubt her again. No sooner did he do so, Baba blessed the couple and disappeared. After some time, Baba was telling devotees that He never gets angry. At that time, Kasturi, a close devotee of Baba, jested: “Baba are you sure you never get angry? What about that poor husband you beat up?” Baba burst into laughter and explained that the mild beating was to transform the man and not to hurt him.

Such is Baba’s love. We can never understand Baba, but we can always stand-under Baba, always surrendered to His divine will. Whatever He does will be for our own good. Baba can never harm His children. Impossible!

The Royal Shortcut to God: Love All, Serve All!


By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

We are accustomed to instant and easy ways to accomplish our goals. Fortunately, Baba has shown us two shortcuts that truly work: selfless service and constant chanting of God’s Divine Name. Saints and religious leaders in all parts of the world perform intense prayers to please God and once they achieve self realization, many return to the world to serve others selflessly.

Aren’t we fortunate that Baba has put us on the path of selfless service from the very beginning itself? Serving God that is present in every man is a sure way to please God, as He is easily pleased with selfless service.

Once, there was a devotee of Lord Vitthal. He had performed intense prayers and had gained the ability to converse with Lord Vitthal at will. The Lord would appear to His child instantly, whenever He was called.

Once, it so happened that a big saint was visiting the village where this devotee resided. The saint was famous for his magnificent powers and was said to have achieved the highest stage of self realization. A huge assembly had gathered in his presence. The saint had a queer method to evaluate his followers. He would take a small hammer and knock it lightly on the head of individual followers (as if checking a coconut). After doing so, he would declare “ripe” or “unripe” depending on the individual’s spiritual progress. When he tested the devotee of Lord Vitthal, he proclaimed “UNRIPE!” in a thunderous voice.

The latter was shocked and ran to his prayer shrine, where the Lord appeared to his devotee instantly. When the devotee questioned to the Lord, Vitthal said that He agreed with the saint’s assessment. Now, the devotee was shocked. After intense prayers, he had obtained the vision of the Lord. What more was left to be achieved?

The Lord then directed him on the right path and he understood that the highest state is one where the individual recognizes his unity with God and the entire creation (all beings). Now, he started practicing his new-found knowledge and progressed very rapidly.

After some time, it so occurred that the devotee was called to participate in a conference of sages. While the meeting was progressing, an old and sick dog arrived there and snatched a piece of bread that was to be offered to the deity.

While others in the room wanted to beat the dog for the sacrilege, the devotee ran behind the dog with a container of ghee (clarified butter). He ran behind the dog, screaming like a mad man: “Vitthal, don’t eat the bread without the butter, or it will get stuck in your throat.”

Instantly, everyone understood that he was RIPE beyond description.

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Is Sai Baba a Guru, Sadguru, or God?


By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

The Sai Satcharita is an ocean of knowledge and for many Sai devotees, it represents not just a holy book; it is a pathway to Sai and His teachings.

After reading the Sai Satcharita, some come away with the feeling that Baba is an enlightened Sadguru or a higher level guru. While it is true that Baba is a Sadguru (the highest guru), one needs to put Hemadpant’s writing in context. The most honorable Hemadpant was an ardent reader of Guru Charitra, the holy gospel that recounts the life of Lord Dattatreya. When Hemadpant refers to the word guru or Sadguru, he is likening Baba to an avatar of Lord Datta (who symbolizes the Supreme Lord).

Baba is the Supreme Lord who incarnated as a “guru avatar” — an incarnation of God who came to teach mankind the way to God. As such, He is the guru of gurus, a divine Sadguru.

There is a subtle, but important, difference between a guru and a guru avatar. Although both represent the same essence of the divine principle, a guru avatar is the Supreme Lord who takes incarnation as a divine teacher. A “true” guru, on the other hand, is a great enlightened being who has risen to the state of enlightenment and has therefore become one with God.

In fact, Baba’s greatness is incomparable. Although Baba acted as a human being, He is the Highest Universal Absolute (God) in human form. Many saints have extolled the wonderful glories of Baba. Meher Baba, a divine incarnation Himself, often said that Sai Baba is the creator of this universe. When someone asked Him about Baba’s exploits in privacy, Meher Baba replied that when Baba created the universe, He made it perfect. When alone, He does minor maintenance on the universe, such as adjusting the positions of stars, planets, galaxies, and other cosmic bodies.
Another enlightened saint said that even if he were to take 127 births, he could NOT attain even a fraction of Baba’s greatness.

We can never comprehend Baba’s glories, but we can easily love Him and bask in His grace.

Not everyone qualifies to be called a guru. True gurus are rare and in today’s age and one must seek the Divine within our hearts — Baba!

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Don’t Waste your Life on Lower Thoughts

Man Praying

Spirituality has often been ridiculed and condemned by intellectuals, but the truth is that spirituality is far beyond intellectual pursuits. While science explores within the confines of time, space, and matter, spirituality enlightens one on the transcendental, the realm of the Universal Absolute.

Baba has often told us that our thoughts are very powerful and they must therefore be carefully channelized toward Godly pursuits. It is only fairly recently that science has started recognizing this wisdom. Scientists are now able to capture thoughts through ultra-modern technologies. These thought forms are then used to power and direct robotic instruments that benefit individuals who have been partially or completely paralyzed.

Our sages knew the power of thought waves as potent energies. Ancient sages did not communicate through cell phones. Instead, they utilized thought waves to speak with each other. These sages could walk in space, teleport themselves to distant spaces and galaxies, regrow amputated limbs, and perform many acts that modern man would marvel as miraculous. Our inventions appear trifles when compared to the inner power of these saints.

Many timeless secrets are encoded within laws of spirituality. Baba has given us these truths through His simple teachings. Take the instance of good thoughts. Baba has often extolled the power of simple, noble thoughts as being uplifting and conducive to our own enlightenment.

If thoughts are so powerful, imagine the damage we do to ourselves when we indulge in basal thoughts. Conversely, consider the benefits to be reaped if we constantly engage in Godly, noble thoughts.

Brain scans have confirmed these truths. When we think loving thoughts, our brains reward our bodies through release of beneficial chemicals whereas unwanted thoughts release harmful substances that damage our body. Isn’t stress a form of such negative conditioning?

From hereon consider cultivating beneficial, loving thoughts and channelize these toward Baba. If you have difficulty, resort to chanting the Divine Name of Baba. Slowly, but surely, the mind will calm down and allow you to focus your energies on Baba.

Victory comes to those go beyond trying. Victory belongs to those persist despite repeated failures.

Emerge victorious through Sai naama smarana.

Cancer is Cancelled: How Baba Cured Me!

By Mrs. Pathak

dwarakamai_babaDuring His Shirdi and Parthi avatars, Baba cured innumerable devotees. In Parthi, whenever a cancer patient would visit Baba, He would just wave His finger and say “Cancer is cancelled!” True to Baba’s words, no matter how serious the disease, it would just vanish. Doctors would just be baffled by these miracles. Here’s one that recently happened at Om Sai Mandir.

We are sharing it in the devotee’s own words:

Baba is always with us. I have always trusted Baba and know that he is with us in our good and rough times. (I have understood that there is no such thing as bad time when Baba is with us).

This incident happened with me in February 2014.

In November 2013, I was diagnosed with a “positive biopsy report” for a cyst in my breast. I was scared and nervous. With all the negative thoughts, I was unable to stop my tears. I was worried about my husband and kids. What if something were to happen to me? Me and my husband are very much devoted to baba and regularly visit Om Sai Mandir. I have always been telling my husband (and to myself) that I am Baba’s favorite daughter.  All the tests were done and the date of the surgery (to remove the cyst) was scheduled on Feb 4th, 2014.

My husband was very supportive and would always reassure me: “How can Baba’s favorite daughter ever have any trouble?” I would try to have a smile on my face and be normal but deep down inside my heart I was very anxious as the day of surgery was nearing.

shirdi_saiA week before the surgery, one night, suddenly I saw Baba standing near me with His hand on my forehead. He was asking me why I was worrying so much. He said, “Just offer two coconuts at Om Sai Mandir and all will be well.” Next morning, when I woke up, I could not believe myself what I saw the previous night and shared it with my husband.

Then came the day of surgery. We both went to the hospital early morning. Before leaving for the hospital, we prayed to Baba at our little shrine at home and applied Baba’s vibhuti on my forehead (my daily routine). After reaching the hospital and completing the paperwork and remaining formalities, the nurse took me with her, asking my husband to wait outside.

I was already crying. Before I realized, I was on the stretcher in the operation theater with my breast surgeon who had diagnosed my cyst. I had seen/met him in the past (the only known face with few other nurse and anesthetist in the operation room). He tried to calm me down and explained the procedure in detail.

Just before the surgery, he tried to examine the cyst which had to be operated and removed. The doctor appeared a little surprised and shocked. He called for another surgeon and some reports. They all started looking for the cyst in my breast. I was nervous and wondering what was happening. All this time the one and only word in my heart and mind was SAIRAM, SAIRAM SAIRAM!

Within the next few minutes, the doctor came closer to me and said the following words in a very calm tone: “Mrs. … we can call this ‘one in a million case’. The cyst does not exist any longer. WE DON’T NEED TO DO ANY SURGERY! I DON’T SEE ANY CYST.”

JAN_24I was speechless and didn’t know whether to cry or to be happy about it. As this was BABA AND NO ONE ELSE WHO TOOK CARE OF HIS FAVORITE DAUGHTER. We were very happy with this blessing from Baba and soon offered the two coconuts at Om Sai Mandir as per Baba’s words.

After that, I also did a six-month follow-up checkup and with Baba’s blessings, everything is normal.

There are many similar incidences that have happened to me and Baba has blessed me knowingly and unknowingly. Many times, he has blessed in strange ways. I have no words to say or thank Him enough.

Last year, one Sunday evening I was going to be alone in the house as my kids and husband had their plans. On previous Thursday at Om Sai Mandir, I just happened to tell Baba if he could come on Sunday to our home and visit this daughter as she is alone.

Sunday evening came. I was in kitchen, but at the back of my heart I was anxiously waiting for Baba. I would feel some noise or shadow but it was just a thought in my subconscious mind. Then suddenly, the doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat. I rushed to open the door. Guess what? It was definitely BABA, I am positive.

It was my neighbor’s son with prasad (Seera and banana) in his hand. After giving me prasad, he said: “We had been to the temple and this is for you. Till now, we had never received prasad from them. It was our Baba who came to visit his favorite daughter and keep His promise of a Sunday evening visit.

Always be with us Baba. Kindly bless us to have Shraddha and Saburi—and give us the opportunity to do your seva.

Forget Weapon Defense Systems; Baba’s Vibhuti is Enough

swami_giving_vibhutiBy The Editor, Sai Sandesh

The story of Dr. Art-Ong Jumsai is a fascinating account of how Baba protects His devotees in divinely mysterious ways. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Jumsai, he has worked with NASA and is an intellectual par excellence. Despite being a rocket scientist by training, he has been serving in Swami’s mission since a very long time.

During a Regional Sai Conference, Dr. Jumsai narrated his wonderful experience.

He was born during the start of World War II, which was one of the most turbulent periods in the history of mankind. At that volatile time, his family was living in Bangkok when the Japanese started bombing the military barracks. Since his grandfather was a colonel in the Thai army, they had a house in the military barracks.

The barracks were a prime target for bombing and all houses in the barracks were in danger of being destroyed by powerfully-designed, air-dropped bombs.

During that critical juncture, a young man (appearing to be a monk) visited the house of Dr. Jumsai. He gave a small packet to the latter’s mother and said “Spread this all over [the roof of] of your house, and you will be safe.” On saying this the young man disappeared. As the mother curiously opened the packet, it appeared to be something that looked like white fine sand. Being religious and faithful by nature, however, she obeyed the instructions and spread the contents of the packet on the roof.

swami_blessingAt the end of the war, that was the only house left standing. All others were bombed, destroyed, and razed to the ground. That little packet of holy ashes had saved the entire family from being burnt to ashes.

Many years after this incidence, Dr. Jumsai had the opportunity to get a confirmation about this incidence. While addressing Sathya Sai Summer Courses, he was narrating the incidence of how a young man had given a packet of sand to his mother when Swami started laughing. He addressed the gathering and said “I did not give her sand; I gave her vibhuti.

This seemingly simple packet of vibhuti had served as the most potent weapon defense system for the Jumsai family.

Stop! Calm Thy Fury! That’s all Baba Said to Calm a Ferocious Storm

By The Editor, Sai Sandesh


When I was doing my Master’s at a local New York University, a strange incidence captivated my young mind. It left an indelible impression and a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Like many young volunteers, I used to spend a significant portion of my time performing various duties at the temple. We were Baba’s young “vanar sena,” or at least that is how we fancied ourselves. Growing up in a divine environment under Baba’s loving guidance was such a blessing and we were fortunate enough to witness numerous inexplicable miracles and acts of Divine Grace.

Once, a terrible storm and intense rain showers had been forecasted by weather experts. As misfortune would have it, the day of the storm was the very day when we had planned Guru Poornima celebrations on a grand scale. Hundreds of devotees were going to visit the temple from various states and large-scale arrangements had been organized. The weather announcement was a terrible blow to all the volunteers who had tirelessly worked day and night to make the event happen.

Little did we know or understand that nature is but a manifestation of God and He controls it with a small gesture of His Divine Eyes. A small nod or an indication of disapproval and nature will obediently retrace its furious steps just the way a ferocious (but loyal) dog stops barking when ordered by its master.

God seldom interferes with nature, but like a stern — but loving — father, He will occasionally keep even nature’s pride in check. Can the creation disobey the creator? Nay!

JAN_24As we sat dejected and worried about the event, my divine guru assured us fearlessness and said “Do not worry; I will intercede with Baba on your behalf!” The guru offered intense prayers to Baba and Baba assured us that the event would go through without a hitch. “But what about the weatherman’s warning, some ‘young rational minds’ thought?” The guru assured: “The weatherman was right, but he merely predicts events, Baba controls them. Have faith on Baba and proceed cheerfully with the festivities.”

Just the way a parched and fatigued man jumps into action as soon as he is rehydrated, we sprang back enthusiastically. Assured of fearlessness, our vanar sena continued the task of preparing for the celebrations. Huge quantities of food were arranged, decorations were setup, and all other arrangements were made as if the weather was no cause for concern. Guru Poornima arrived and we became pensive as we looked at the dark clouds that had overcast the bright blue skies. Ah, the vagaries of the human mind. No amount of reassurance (even from God) can calm the storm of a doubtful mind, can it?

Just then a strange incidence happened, the storm that was predicted to hit us changed course at the last minute and the heavy showers that were to befall on us made their way toward the ocean instead. Not a drop of water fell on us that day and many, many devotees participated in the celebrations. We were just exhilarated beyond description. Baba’s intercession was two-fold: Not only did He keep the storm in check, He even brought an unexpectedly large gathering of devotees, all of whom decided to brave the “forecasted storm” with unconditional faith on Baba.

In the Shirdi Avatar, a similar act of intercession was witnessed by Baba’s children. A huge storm had taken over the small hamlet of Shirdi. Rain water was flooding the weakly-constructed mud houses that were abundant in Shirdi. As the storm threatened to wipe out the very existence of the village, everyone rushed to seek recourse at the feet of Sainath. Could Baba turn away the humble devotees who sought refuge in Him? That can never happen. The Divine Lord Sai rushed outdoors and addressed the skies in a thunderous roar: “Stop! Calm thy fury!” This was a divine command that Mother Nature could not disobey. Within minutes the storm subsided and the simple devotees of Shirdi danced in joy.

baba_holding_sunThe Sathya Sai Avatar, too, performed many such intercessions at the request of devotees. During the Monsoon season, Venkamma was constructing a house. Her team had gathered a large pile of wet bricks that were soon to be baked. Everything was ready for the process but due to the particular day being inauspicious, it was decided to postpone the baking to the following day. A dark stream of clouds engulfed the village skies and everyone was concerned. What if it rains, though? A heavy downpour would undo all their hard work and the bricks would reduce to a useless mound of clay. A neighbor suggested that the bricks should be covered with dry sugar cane leaves and all the villagers proceeded to the other side of River Chitravathi to gather the same.

As devotees were proceeding, Swami raised His palm toward the sky, addressed everyone and said “Venkamma! Vaana raadu!” (The rains will not come). Soon enough, the clouds dispersed and a bright streak of sunlight lit the entire area, basking everyone in the divine halo of sunlight-orange-yellow.

That’s it! His divine abhaya hasta (boon-bestowing hand) was enough to calm Mother Nature. The devotion of the villagers was most amazing as none went to bring the leaves. Everyone returned home knowing fully well that Swami’s words can never be falsified. It did not rain!

Our life, too, can be compared to these storms. Sometimes, huge storms appear to envelope us in the darkness of doubt and despair. As soon as we seek Baba’s refuge, though, everything calms down and the sunlight of Sai-bliss re-invigorates our lives instantly.

The True Story of Sai Trinity


By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

Baba’s devotees often identify Him as a particular form that is deeply cherished in their love-filled hearts. Some invoke the formless God as Shirdi Sai, while others prefer to pray to Him as Sathya Sai, and still others follow the tenets of their own chosen faith or beliefs.

Baba welcomes all these forms of worship and responds to a devotee’s heart-felt call instantly, no matter what name or form is chosen by the worshiper. As Baba has often said “ALL names and forms are Mine. I respond to you in the manner you choose.” In both Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai Avatars, Baba has confirmed this fact and has identified Himself as being one with every Divine identity known to man.

In fact, Sai Himself is not one Avatar but a series of three consecutive divine manifestations that have chosen to incarnate for the redemption and uplift of mankind. The first incarnation in the trinity of Sai Avatars is Shirdi Sai Baba, the Lord of Shirdi; the second, Sathya Sai Baba, the God of Parthi; and the third, Prema Sai Baba, who is to incarnate in due course.

Baba’s mysterious illness

Although the Avatars form a trinity, in truth it is the same God who has chosen to incarnate in three different forms. There is a very interesting story behind the three consecutive incarnations.

The declaration confirming the three Sai Avatars was made in July 1963, when a rather young Sai had taken over a deep form of paralysis that impacted His left hand, leg, and eye for eight consecutive days. He suffered three fatal heart attacks that no ordinary human being could have endured. During this assumed illness, Baba refused to accept any medication or medical treatment. He had willed the illness and the mysterious purpose for the same was revealed during the Guru Poornima Discourse (1963).

On the eighth day of the illness, Baba declared that He would give Guru Poornima darshan and discourse as usual. He was taken on a wheelchair to the area where tens of thousands of devotees had gathered to catch a glimpse of their beloved Sai. As He was seated in the midst of the gathering, Baba whispered in an inaudible and extremely feeble voice “Vinipisthundhaa?” (Do you hear Me?). He then signaled for a glass of water to be brought to Him. Baba sprinkled a little water from the glass on His left hand and leg and stroked His left hand. Immediately, the left hand regained vigor and with both hands, He stroked the left leg.

Lo, the paralysis disappeared instantly. Baba then rose to speak to the august assembly and delivered a powerful Guru Poornima Discourse as if nothing had happened to His physical frame. During the discourse, Baba explained that He had taken the illness to save a devotee who was to undergo paralysis and three fatal heart attacks.

The story of three Sai Avatars

Baba was born in the Bharadwaja Gotra (lineage), Apastamba Sutra. This Bharadwaja Rishi was a great saint, who had mastered several Vedic texts, but despite his arduous penance and effort for nearly three hundred years, he was unable to learn the Vedas, which measured the size of three mountain ranges. Pleased with his penance, Lord Indra appeared to Him and taught the sage a yaga (form of fire worship) that would grant him the fruit of studying all the Vedic texts.

As the sage proceeded to perform the yaga, he wanted to invite Shakti (Mother Parvati) to preside over the ritual. Accordingly, he visited Kailasha, the mythical mountain in the Himalayas where the Divine Shiva and Shakti reside. There, Lord Shiva and the Divine Mother were engaged in a cosmic dance. Although the Mother had seen the sage, she tested his patience by casting a sly glance and smile at him.

After waiting in the biting cold for eight days, the sage was unsure whether he had been ignored or rejected and decided to return to his hermitage. Just as he was descending from Kailasha, he suffered from a terrible form of stroke that affected his left hand, leg, and eye.

As he was about to fall, Lord Shiva appeared there and held his devotee in His own hands. Shiva sprinkled some water on him and cured the paralysis immediately. Pleased with his devotion and patience, the Lord assured him that both He (Lord Shiva) and Shakti would preside over the holy ritual to bless the saint.

On completion of the ceremony, Lord Shiva granted Sage Bharadwaja additional boons:

(i) Lord Shiva would be born in the Bharadwaja lineage thrice—Shiva alone as Shri Shirdi Sai Baba; Shiva and Shakti as Sathya Sai Baba; and Shakti alone as Prema Sai Baba.

(ii) Furthermore, as atonement for Mother Shakti’s neglect of the sage for eight days, she would undergo a similar stroke and on the eighth day of the disease, the Lord would revive Her just as He had saved the sage at Kailasha.

In fulfillment of the boons and Lord Shiva’s promise, the same Lord has chosen Kaliyuga as the time for His three incarnations. It was for this reason that Sathya Sai Baba’s left hand (representing Shakti) underwent paralysis in July 1963. The right side of Baba, symbolizing Lord Shiva, sprinkled water and revived Her, just as He had promised Sage Bharadwaja.

Blessed is Sage Bhardwaja of yore, who became an instrument for the descent of Lord not once, but thrice. Upanishads, too, confirm that there would be a 250-year period wherein God will incarnate thrice. Future generations will look at us with such awe, for we are the “Sai Generation”. They will admire our good fortune, just as we appreciate the destiny of those who walked on earth at the same time as Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, and other divine beings.

We are so blessed to witness (and be part of) a momentous time in the history of mankind. Sai-Yuga, it is!

Prayer has the Power to Shackle Bondage












“Prayer has the power to shackle the bondage (between body and soul); it also has the power to bring you nearer to Baba.”

Sri Sai Baba

Source: Enlightenment from Sri Sai Baba on Salvation of the Soul by Dr. K.V. Raghava Rao

(C) Copyright, Om Sai Mandir. All Rights Reserved.