Is Sai Baba a Guru, Sadguru, or God?


By The Editor, Sai Sandesh

The Sai Satcharita is an ocean of knowledge and for many Sai devotees, it represents not just a holy book; it is a pathway to Sai and His teachings.

After reading the Sai Satcharita, some come away with the feeling that Baba is an enlightened Sadguru or a higher level guru. While it is true that Baba is a Sadguru (the highest guru), one needs to put Hemadpant’s writing in context. The most honorable Hemadpant was an ardent reader of Guru Charitra, the holy gospel that recounts the life of Lord Dattatreya. When Hemadpant refers to the word guru or Sadguru, he is likening Baba to an avatar of Lord Datta (who symbolizes the Supreme Lord).

Baba is the Supreme Lord who incarnated as a “guru avatar” — an incarnation of God who came to teach mankind the way to God. As such, He is the guru of gurus, a divine Sadguru.

There is a subtle, but important, difference between a guru and a guru avatar. Although both represent the same essence of the divine principle, a guru avatar is the Supreme Lord who takes incarnation as a divine teacher. A “true” guru, on the other hand, is a great enlightened being who has risen to the state of enlightenment and has therefore become one with God.

In fact, Baba’s greatness is incomparable. Although Baba acted as a human being, He is the Highest Universal Absolute (God) in human form. Many saints have extolled the wonderful glories of Baba. Meher Baba, a divine incarnation Himself, often said that Sai Baba is the creator of this universe. When someone asked Him about Baba’s exploits in privacy, Meher Baba replied that when Baba created the universe, He made it perfect. When alone, He does minor maintenance on the universe, such as adjusting the positions of stars, planets, galaxies, and other cosmic bodies.
Another enlightened saint said that even if he were to take 127 births, he could NOT attain even a fraction of Baba’s greatness.

We can never comprehend Baba’s glories, but we can easily love Him and bask in His grace.

Not everyone qualifies to be called a guru. True gurus are rare and in today’s age and one must seek the Divine within our hearts — Baba!

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