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Amma’s Long Jump

By S. Pankanti

Those of who know my amma are well familiar with her physical abilities: she had sadly decades of chronic severe arthritic problems in both her knees. Her continuous working habits wore her knees, knee-caps included, beyond any hope of recovery and remediation. Her both knees had taken the characteristic bow shape which physicians immediately recognized her severe condition of beyond any hope of easy medication; she consumed her daily dose of painkillers and limped along with a happy countenance despite medical problems of various magnitudes.

She packed her day (and night) with devotional deeds and passed her time with Baba’s name on her lips as her schedule permitted.

When smooth marbled architects are marveled around the world and its charm and décor is being discussed, I am sure, we are happy to ignore and dismiss the hazards it poses for an aging arthritic inhabitant with bare grip on the granite ground. For undertaking repairs and remodeling, my family had moved from an independent house to my sister’s upper floor. The marbled limited space was cluttered and congested and was doubly dangerous and perhaps needed no more additional tricks for tripping.

One day, inevitably amma tripped near a threshold rather with a strong momentum and she was catapulted a couple feet. The projected panorama of ensuing crash landing, much dreaded hospital visits and long recovery must have flashed across her mind in that momentous flight and a helpless cry of “Baba!” escaped her livid lips, partly as a habit and partly out of desperate exasperation. Baba must have heard her cry for help in His infinite Grace – because she landed like a petal on a flower bed. When she recalls the incident now at a bare request, her eyes shine and twinkle in a recall of divine glory and of His touch and with moistened eyes she will say: “Baba instantaneously appeared there and cradled me in His hands and gently placed me on the floor”.

PS: Amma recently underwent double knee replacement surgery and she felt Baba was there during her surgery. With His Grace, she is recovering well.

Why Fear When I Am Here — How Baba Cured A Devotee’s Knee Injury

dwarakamai_shirdi_saiAn old knee injury had resulted in a serious tear of my left knee’s cartilage (Meniscus). A surgery was recommended but due to some lapse at my end, I had not undergone the treatment. The excruciating pain from the injury relapsed after a period of ten years and I fell to the ground, unable to stand or move. It was almost as if I had lost one leg. I lay frozen on the floor, none around to give me a hand.

I wasn’t covered under a health insurance plan and Sai’s grace was the only insurance I could rely on. As I helplessly looked at Baba’s picture, He diverted my eyes to a car sticker that had the picture of Shirdi Sai Baba with abhaya hasta mudra (the blessing hand gesture granting freedom from fear). I could distinctly read what was written under the picture. The words were “Why fear when I am here.”

As soon as I saw the sticker a miracle happened and as I tried to stand back on my feet I did not experience the slightest pain or discomfort. I have been pain free ever since. In Shirdi, Baba used to cure devotees with a mere glance. His most amazing grace, even looking at his picture is sufficient to cure our physical maladies. Truly Sai is the most amazing phenomenon to grace earth.

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Vision Of Baba

cropped-moortis21.jpgBy M. Saxena

We are all in the Om Sai Mandir, singing bhajans. I am in a state of happiness, bliss, and am looking around at the others in the Mandir happily singing. I look up towards Baba’s moortis. They are beautiful. As I am singing, my gaze happily bounces around to see the blissful environment – the devotees singing, some crying, some clapping, then just as I turn towards Baba – I freeze still. The hair on the back of my neck is standing frozen. Standing in front of Baba’s moorti, is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Himself!

He is adorned in His red ochre garment. Though He is somewhat facing the moortis, Baba’s is turned towards me, and is looking at me unblinkingly straight into my eyes. He has red rang (Holi color) on His face. I am stunned and stop breathing. The very night before this dream it was Holi, and we were putting color on each other’s faces. Everyone put color on Baba as a teeka, but I went further and put it on Baba’s face and cheeks Now Baba was in the Mandir, looking at me. No one was else was reacting, in fact, they kept singing. Why was no one noticing?

His presence was so powerful that everyone else seemed unreal. He did not talk, did not blink, just looked, as if mischievously observing. Just narrating this story still gives me goosebumps of joy.

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Hanumanji’s Face Appears Miraculously And With An Aura!

hanumanji_appearedOm Sai Mandir, the heavenly abode of Lord Sai, is fast becoming a divine destination where prayers are being uninterruptedly and ceaselessly chanted every single day. The latest in the series of prayer events is the chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas every Saturday (from 12.30 PM to 6.30 PM).

During one such occasion (Hanuman Jayanti 2009), a group of devotees were chanting Hanuman Chalisa 108 times when a picture of Hanumanji’s portrait was taken. Much to the surprise of devotees, when the picture was observed later, the real Divine Face of Lord Hanuman has appeared within the portrait—with a shining aura.

While the rest of the picture is a painting, the face appears real with eyes, nose, and facial features resembling a live being (and not a portrait).

Even more surprising is the fact (which can be observed on digitally enlarging the picture) that the face is that of a child Hanuman, while the entire body is one of a grown-up. Furthermore, seasoned photographers have attested to the fact that the aura is not the work of flash.

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Swami In The Storm

By H. Shivaramakrishna

dwarakamai_babaThank you for providing me with yet another opportunity to share my experience with Baba. It was last thursday, the stormiest day in new york city when the city came to a momentary halt and I was on my way back from work to Baba’s mandir for bhajans. It has been long time since I sang a bhajan for Baba and I was longing to sing one. But nature had its own plans. It was 6pm and I was still struck in traffic , long way from the mandir.

Later I realized that there was a disastrous tornado that struck in the city in close proximity to where I was. Time was passing by and it was 7..715…730.. and still no improvement in traffic flow. I was struck in the same place. And that was the time when I usually get a chance to sing a bhajan for Baba, and I sang it sitting inside the car. I was praying Baba to just let me see him and I was disappointed that I was not able to make it. I took it as a bad omen that Baba doesn’t want me to sing on that day.

Time flew and it was eventually 9pm, I made very little progress in the traffic towards home. And my stomach literally started crying to me for some food and I had no access to food in the middle of the street. I was still praying to Baba just to have his darshan. Suddenly I got a call from my wife who is in mandir all this while and was telling me that a regular devotee/volunteer (who lives a block away from mine) is also struck in the havoc traveling in public transit a few yards from me and was trying to find a way to reach home.

Then I further proceeded to pick him up and started the journey back home in the chaotic traffic. All of a sudden he removed a bag of food and started to share it with me. After eating it and quenching my starvation, I slowly asked him how he got that food in the middle of nowhere. And the answer just shook me as there was another Baba’s devoteee’s house closeby where I picked him up and they ran into each other to their surprise.

And the other devotee has actually given him the food which turned out to be Baba’s shej arati prashad. As he was unable to travel to the mandir because of the storm wreckage, he wanted to give it to Baba through the other devotee. All 3 of us were headed to the same Baba mandir but were not able to make it.

The moment I learned it was Baba’s shej arati prashad, all my hair stood up and I was totally in a baffled situation connecting the dots.

Then, all my doubts regarding my inability to have his darshan was gone and was firmly reinforced that Baba is protecting his children from all calamities at any time.

Miracle In A Bottle

Swami1By N. Das

My mother has had glaucoma for many years now. She was fortunate to discover it in the early stages and so her ocular pressure is controlled by using daily eye drops in the morning and evening. She has two medications and they have to be ordered in advance. About two weeks ago, as usual, my mother asked me to place the eye drops in her eyes in the morning.

However, there was enough for only one eye. As I squeezed the bottle, only air and bubbles came out of it. Shaking the bottle made me realize that the medicine was finished and a new bottle would have to be opened. When my mother went to retrieve another bottle, she rushed back and told me that she had somehow forgotten to place an order for the next shipment. We quickly placed the order online, but were worried about what to do until the shipment arrived. At that point, we decided to try the old bottle again to see if we could salvage at least a single drop for my mother’s other eye.

I thought of Baba and took the bottle from my mother’s hand and shook it, just to give it a try. And lo and behold, to our amazement, we could hear and feel the liquid inside as we shook the bottle. Just minutes before, we had seen only air and bubbles come out of it.

We quickly placed a drop in my mother’s eye and thanked Baba. The shipment was placed on Dec. 16, and it arrived on Dec. 20, in the evening. Even though we thought that there wouldn’t even be enough for a single day, that bottle sufficed for four days following that incident, until the next shipment arrived. And the day after the shipment arrived, when we tried that same bottle, there was again no liquid inside of it!

We feel truly blessed to have experienced this miracle!

Lamp Miracle

By S. Pankanti
Amma has this uncanny habit of relentlessly following Baba’s instructions to best of her abilities. Knowing Baba likes lit lamps (“akhanda jyoti”) she started keeping two perpetually lit lamps in her worship room for last few years. One of the lamps was lit with the sesame/gingili oil and the other was lit with ghee. I do not know why she started keeping two lamps nor did I know why one lamp with oil and the other with ghee. She would watch the lamps like a hawk to make sure that they were lit all the time. It was not easy for her to vigilantly watch the lamps but she did it with faith and joy knowing that her actions pleased Baba. So, one morning, she woke up (this was a Datta pournima and Thursday) and she was not very amused that both the lamps had extinguished.

She immediately refilled the lamps with oil and ghee and adjusted the wicks. She lighted one lamp with a match stick and when she turned to light the other lamp, she was shocked to see that the other lamp was already lit. Once she realized what had actually happened, you can imagine her immense joy for witnessing this miracle first hand as if Baba were affirming her faith. She said kept seeing the lamp when she was doing her parayana (ritual reading of the religious scriptures) during the day.