Lamp Miracle

By S. Pankanti
Amma has this uncanny habit of relentlessly following Baba’s instructions to best of her abilities. Knowing Baba likes lit lamps (“akhanda jyoti”) she started keeping two perpetually lit lamps in her worship room for last few years. One of the lamps was lit with the sesame/gingili oil and the other was lit with ghee. I do not know why she started keeping two lamps nor did I know why one lamp with oil and the other with ghee. She would watch the lamps like a hawk to make sure that they were lit all the time. It was not easy for her to vigilantly watch the lamps but she did it with faith and joy knowing that her actions pleased Baba. So, one morning, she woke up (this was a Datta pournima and Thursday) and she was not very amused that both the lamps had extinguished.

She immediately refilled the lamps with oil and ghee and adjusted the wicks. She lighted one lamp with a match stick and when she turned to light the other lamp, she was shocked to see that the other lamp was already lit. Once she realized what had actually happened, you can imagine her immense joy for witnessing this miracle first hand as if Baba were affirming her faith. She said kept seeing the lamp when she was doing her parayana (ritual reading of the religious scriptures) during the day.

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