God Liberates His Surrendered Devotees

One should not be overwhelmed by difficulties encountered in life; they are all transient. The source of enduring bliss is within us and we must not give way to weakness. Prapthi means total surrender, offering everything to the Divine and doing away with the sense of ego that separates the individual from God. In such a state, pleasure or pain are both cheerfully accepted as God’s blessings.

The bhakti marga (path of devotion) is truly the path of sharanaagathi (surrender), of which Lakshmana is a classic example. During His exile, Raama once asked Lakshmana to put up a hut on a site of Lakshmana’s choice. The latter grieved and pleaded with Raama: “Why do you ask me to select the site? Have I any individuality left? Can I choose? Will I select?

Don’t you know that I have no will of my own? You decide and I obey; you command and I carry out.” This is the essence of sharnaagathi. Krishna has assured us that if we surrender, He will liberate us.

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