It Is That Simple

By K. Chugh
My father lost his kidneys around the age to 40. It was devastating ordeal from him and my family, however my father’s firm faith in Swami was never compromised. My father decided to accept the situation and continue to peruse a happy life and undergo the appropriate treatment.

His real blood brothers refused to step forward to even be tested to see if they could be a potential match, again, my father remained strong and never lost hope in Swami.

After close to 6 years of prayers and treatment, that day came. A call from the Hospital at 10:00 pm advised my father to be admitted as soon as possible as they have found a potential match. It was a bit overwhelming, as there was no guaranteed that this would be a match, however my father knew in his heart that his prayers were answered.

That night, my father had to reach the hospital very quickly, as donor organs cannot be stored for long. We stayed an hour away from the hospital. We had no car, nor family members that had cars, and mass transit service was not running at full speed. Any delays could have resulted in canceling the surgery. However, in a matter or 15 minutes after the call from the hospital came in, two distant cousins from my father’s side showed up at our door step. They had not met in years or even spoken. There was no plans or any advanced notice of their visit. They wanted to surprise my parents by visiting them.

My parents explained the whole situation to them, and they decide to drive my father and mother to hospital right away, and make it in time. My father new this could only be Baba’s plan, as there was no logical motive from them to show up at our house at that exact moment.

Once we got to the hospital, my father was tested and a perfect match was determined for the donor kidneys. My father was rushed into surgery. My father’s cousins were extremely supportive and very helpful to my mother as she was falling apart and could not manage the whole ordeal.

Once the successful surgery was over, my father saw Baba and received his blessings in his unconscience state. He know that his distant cousins came in the form of Baba only to get him to the hospital in time. He lived 15 years on donor kidneys without any complications and was extremely healthy during that time.

When we surrender to Baba our problems and worries, he fixes them perfectly and flawlessly!! It is that simple.

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