Baba Commanded And, Lo, Dead Seeds Blossomed Into A Huge Tree

dwarakamai_babaScriptures have proclaimed that the thought of a pure yogi is like a river that reaches its destination, often making its way by cutting through rocks and stones. Nothing can stop the flow of a river. As a mere child, Hanuman gulped down the entire sun as if it were a mere fruit. If a pure devotee can hold that much power, imagine how much more powerful Lord Sainath would be?

Some of us innocently assume Baba’s divine words to be ordinary discourses. The truth, however, is that every syllable uttered by Baba has a profound impact. If Baba were to ever command the sun not to rise, it surely will not. Such is the power of Baba’s will.

During His avataric career as both Shirdi Sai and Parthi Sai, Baba often demonstrated this truth. On one occasion, there was an intense storm in Shirdi. The fury of nature was such that it threatened to submerge the entire village into oblivion. Seeing his devotees in despair, Baba roared at the storm: “Stop your fury!” No sooner did Baba command the clouds, the rain subsided immediately.

On another occasion, a devotee wanted to plant a certain tree near Dwarkamai, Shirdi. He lovingly bought the seeds and came rushing to Baba. In his eagerness, he explained to Baba that he wanted to plant the tree and that Baba should give him permission. For some reason, Baba was reluctant to accede to the request and said “No!” This refusal was enough to cast a gloom and the devotee returned to his home. In fact, he was so disappointed he refused food and water. Internally, the devotee was truly hurting for not being allowed to plant the tree.


After a few days, the seeds dried and reached a “dead state” where they could not germinate any further. The devotee was still hurting, though. Seeing his child-like faith, Baba’s heart melted and he called the devotee and chastised him for refusing food and water. When he burst into tears, Baba’s mother-like heart could not see it any more. Baba immediately pronounced a benediction: “Go and plant the dead seeds. Even though they have become useless, due to My will they will germinate into a fine tree.” Baba’s will is supreme. Indeed the dead seeds germinated into a tree.

The Guru Charitra recounts the story of Narhari Sharma, who was afflicted with leprosy. After several failed medical treatments, he lost hope and visited Lord Dattatreya. His honest prayers melted the Lord’s butter-like heart instantly. On seeing him the Divine Lord said: “Even though the disease is a consequence of your wicked deeds in a past life, it will be wiped out. If you have faith in my word, plant the dead branch of a Fig tree at the Sangama and go on watering it every day. You will be healed on the day the stumps put forth leaves!”

The devotee took this advice very seriously and started watering the dead branch every single day. Those around him mocked this act and tried to dissuade him. They could not believe that a dead branch could ever produce leaves. Narhari was determined, though, and decided to pursue his faith with ever-increasing zeal. Indeed, one day the dead branch produced leaves and at that very instant his disease vanished miraculously.

This universe was created by God. His will is supreme. If we pray to Him with faith, He can make the impossible, possible.

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