Nothing Is Impossible For God

By The Sai Sandesh Team, Om Sai Mandir


Intent on testing the devotion and faith of God’s devotees, Sage Narada left his celestial realm to visit devotees on earth. At first he approached the house of a well-known priest. As soon as he entered the priest’s house, he was greeted with great pomp and splendor. The priest fell at the sage’s feet, washed them, and offered several fruits and delicacies to appease his divine guest. When Narada had settled, the priest asked, “O Divine Sage, you have access to all the celestial planes and know many facts that are unknown to ordinary human beings. Could you tell me what God is doing right now?”

Narada is witty by nature and he responded to the priest’s request as follows: “Holy Sir, God plays many sports and performs countless deeds. He is trying to pass an elephant through a needle’s eye right now.”

On hearing this response, the priest burst into a thunderous laughter. He mocked his divine guest and said, “How foolish of you. How can an elephant pass through a needle’s eye?”The sage remained silent.

Narada left the place shortly thereafter and visited the houses of several devotees. At every devotee’s place, Narada would say the same thing: “God is passing an elephant through a needle’s eye.” Unfortunately, he would receive the same mockery and laughter wherever he went.

Finally, Narada visited a poor, illiterate cobbler. The cobbler had no learning and was simply performing his work while chanting God’s name constantly. As soon as the cobbler saw Narada, he was overwhelmed and fell at the sage’s feet. He worshipped the sage in the most humble manner and asked the same question as others: “Divine Sage, what is God doing right now?”

Narada gave the same response but this time he was in for a surprise. The cobbler danced in ecstacy and said, “Ah, what is impossible for God. Why an elephant? God can pass the entire creation through a needle’s eye. Nothing is impossible for God! Nothing!” Narada’s eyes were filled with tears. He was touched by this outpour of loving devotion and faith from this simple man.

Truly, nothing is impossible for God. Nothing! All God needs is our faith and love.

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