You Can’t Hide From Me

parthi_baba_mandirAs most know, Baba runs a free university where students from all walks of life gain access to free education (from kindergarten to Ph.D.). The atmosphere in Baba’s institutions is unique. Students not only gain knowledge, they develop character and become ideal citizens.

As such, smoking is not allowed on the campus. Nearly all students follow Baba’s teachings in a devoted and loving manner. One student, however, was innocently tempted to test the Lord Himself. He bought a cigarette and knowing that smoking is not allowed on the campus went to another village. There, he reached a secluded spot and after ascertaining that no one was watching went behind the bushes to smoke.

After having satisfied himself that no one saw him, he returned to Puttaparthi and resumed his classes. That same day, Baba visited his campus un-announced and walked into the class where the young boy was seated. As he approached the classroom, students rejoiced to see their beloved Lord in their midst. Swami blessed everyone and looked into the direction of the boy. “Did you smoke today,” The Lord asked.

Unaware of Baba’s vast powers, the boy said, “No Swami. I did not smoke.” Swami smiled and raised his hand toward the blackboard. Lo! A divine picture appeared on the screen displaying every move the lad had made since that morning. The journey to the village, the effort to hide behind the bushes, the act of smoking — all of it appeared minute by minute on the visual. The boy was shocked! Swami made another gesture and the screen vanished as miraculously as it appeared.

The boy was now in tears and fell at Baba’s feet, begging for mercy. Baba, who bears the love of a thousand mothers, immediately forgave the boy and advised him to adopt the path of truth and love. Needless to say, the boy was transformed and went on to become a humble devotee of Baba.

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