Baba Saves A Three-Year-Old

A little child, all of three, was a staunch devotee of Baba. While thousands of devotees would flock to Shirdi in pursuit of material benefits, this little girl would ask Baba for merely a rupee. That was all she wanted and to persuade Baba, she would in sweet and melodious tones address her beloved Lord as mama (maternal uncle).

Baba, too, would play with her and push her off by saying, “This rupee is not your father’s property.” The child would insist on collecting her rupee, however, and Baba would give in with a big smile. With a sense of accomplishment, the child would then happily run away to her mother. She knew nothing about her mama’s greatness but with childlike innocence, she would rush to Baba for all her needs.

Once, it so happened that the girl was found missing. A frantic search was made throughout the Shirdi village and all were at a loss when she couldn’t be found. What could have happened to the innocent child? Just then, someone suggested searching near the well and all hearts started pounding at the very thought of what could happen to an innocent child near the well.

When they rushed there, everyone was surprised to find her suspended in mid-air. She was floating in the air as if an invisible force was cradling her mid-air. The local youngsters immediately pulled her out to safety. It was then discovered that the child had accidentally fallen into the well but just before slipping, she had called out her mama’s (Baba) name. How could Baba remain indifferent? He miraculously rescued His little devotee and saved her from what could have been sure death. And look at the child’s tender, but sincere devotion. When any other child would call out for parents or relatives, she reached out to none other than the Lord Himself.

Much to the delight of everyone, the very next day she was back in Baba’s lap asking for the same rupee again. How wonderful is this bond between Baba and His devotees. With each, a special and very unique relationship.


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