Baba Runs For His Devotees


When Shirdi Baba’s fame reached all corners of the globe, hundreds of thousands of devotees started rushing to Him. Baba is a very unique avatar. He connects with each devotee on an individual level and makes each devotee feel like the most special person in the entire world. Only Baba can do that because He has so much love for His children.

On one occasion, there was a long line of devotees waiting on Baba. In the mass of devotees, there was an old and fragile woman who had heard of Baba’s fame. Her wish was to see Baba and feed Him with her own hands. How was she to feed Baba, though? Her financial condition was extremely impoverished and she herself was living on support provided by others. Furthermore, would the Lord of the Universe accept her modest offerings when He had access to the most delicious of foods?

She was struggling with these thoughts, but somehow managed to bring a stale piece of bread for Baba. Her motherly heart could not accept to offer Baba with just a piece of bread so she decided to bring a raw onion in lieu of vegetables. That is all she could afford.

Waiting for her turn, she was standing all the way toward the end of the queue. No one could notice her in the mass of devotees. The sun was scorching and her health was fragile, still she braved the condition for just a brief darshan of God. Though physically frail, her heart was brimming with love for Baba.

Baba’s devotees were serving Him in myriad ways. Suddenly, The Lord of Shirdi sprang up from His seat and rushed toward the mob of devotees. Everyone was surprised to see Baba rushing out in this manner. His attendants followed Him but Baba ran toward the end of the line of devotees. The elderly woman was exhausted by the wait but was thrilled to see Baba rushing toward her.

Before she could utter a single word, Baba said, “Amma, please give me the delicious food you have brought for Me today. My stomach is roaring with hunger. Kindly feed Me with your own hands.” The devotee was overjoyed to witness the Lord’s extreme compassion toward her. How did Baba know she was carrying food when there were so many devotees waiting for Him? Why He rushed only toward this fragile woman, who was virtually unnoticeable? Indeed, Baba is omniscient.

In His own characteristic way, Baba displayed the same compassion Lord Rama had for Shabari and Lord Krishna for Sudama. Baba cares only for our feelings and for our love and affection.

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