The Devotion Of Hanuman

hanuman_lightWhen Lord Rama and Mother Sita returned to their Kingdom of Ayodhya from exile, Rama gave away many gift to all who had assembled in the audience. While giving away numerous gifts, He completely ignored Hanuman — at least that is how it appeared to others.

Mother Sita was perplexed at this apparent indifference. Her motherly heart could not see this and she immediately threw a pearl necklace in the direction of Hanuman. Hanuman, the epitome of devotion, humbly took the necklace and started biting it into pieces.

The courtiers who were present were extremely embarrassed to see Hanuman discard a precious necklace as if was a mere stone. They admonished Hanuman, to which he calmly, but fearlessly, replied: “I am breaking these pearls to see if my Beloved Lord is in them. If not, they are as worthless to me as pebbles.” Everyone was dumbfounded at this response. Hanuman then tore open his heart and to the astonishment of everyone, the image of Lord Rama and Mother Sita was clearly enshrined in his heart.

Lord Hanuman is so pure and devoted, the Lord’s physical manifestation can be viewed in his heart. It is no wonder, to this day he chants Lord Rama’s name ceaselessly. He is indeed an inspiration to countless devotees of God.

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