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Sai Sandesh                                  Volume 10, Issue 2; Feb 2013

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Unbelievable Miracles of God

Magic At Sai's Feet

Missing Receipt Found

Sai Wisdom

Your Sufferings Are Mine; I Will Even Give Up My Life For You

To Have Faith One Must Inquire


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Unbelievable Miracles Of God
By The Sai Sandesh Team

As Baba has explained us, what is supernatural or miraculous to humans is nothing but a manifestation of the will of God. He performs even the most unnatural, impossible tasks in less than a billionth fraction of a second. He just waits for the right time to perform that one feat, though. At times He teaches us patience, at other times detachment, love, acceptance, or some other spiritual lesson. The Divine Master's purposes for the wait may be many, but His goal is only one: our long term happiness. Yet, no matter what His purpose may be, just the way butter melts instantly on coming in contact with the slightest form of heat, the Lord's heart, too, melts with the slightest warmth of devotion.

Just when our faith and devotion touch the current of Lord's ever-flowing grace our problems disappear instantly and all our nagging worries reduce to nothingness. It is like the positive and negative coming together to generate electricity. Both are needed to complete the circuit. From time immemorial spiritual literature from all religions provides examples of how God's compassion enabled ordinary humans to accomplish super-human feats. The power behind all these miracles is nothing but God. We are mere instruments.

Amputee's hands reappear

Once, a congregation of God's devotees was performing intense bhajans. All the devotees were singing God's glories with extreme gusto. The atmosphere was charged with intense divine energy as all were singing in unison -- "Vithal, Vithal, Hari, Hari, Narayana, Narayana, Shiva, Shiva, Sai, Sai …" Some were clapping hands, others were playing the cymbals, still others were ringing bells and playing various musical instruments in melodious notes. God has assured devotees that wherever we sing His glories, He will manifest Himself in that place.

In that congregation of bhajan singers, there was a devotee whose hands had been amputated at a very young age. He did not have arms -- just flaps that were loosely hanging from his shoulders. As the bhajans intensified that night, all were lost in thoughts of God. "How beautiful is God's form. What divine grace He displays. How He rescues devotees in distress. Isn't He the most beautiful form we have ever seen? There is no end to His compassion and kindness. Love is His form indeed." Such were the thoughts in the minds of devotees as they focused on God's beautiful glories.

Suddenly, the man who did not have hands became completely absorbed in thoughts of God and in that state of contemplation he started clapping with his armless flaps. Some jested at the sight but were soon dumbfounded when lo and behold in front of their very eyes, the man's hands re-grew instantaneously as if a tortoise had just protruded its head from the shell. God had instantly replaced his broken hands and made the devotee whole!

Bhakta Kannappa's eyes restored, granted proximity to God

Another devotee who melted God's heart to the very core was Bhakta Kannappa, a tribal devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said that Bhakta Kannappa won Lord Shiva's heart in just one night. Kannappa was a tribal illiterate devotee of Lord Shiva who had great faith in the form he had chosen for contemplation. Kannappa was a hunter by profession and he did not know how to worship Lord Shiva. In order to appease Shiva, Kannappa would offer the animals he had hunted at the shrine of Lord Shiva. As he would hold his offerings with two hands, Kannappa did not have place to hold water from the holy Ganges in a pot.

As Shiva is pleased with a Ganges bath, Kannappa would carry the water in his mouth and literally gargle the water out during his worship. Needless to say, the priests of the day were extremely agitated by this behavior and considered it an insult to God. What they could not see, however, was that Kannappa's heart was filled with love and he could not think of anything but God. The priests despite their rituals and bookish knowledge had not developed an iota of divine love that Kannappa had cultivated despite his illiteracy. External actions mean nothing to God. He looks only at the heart of a devotee. If the heart is pure, God is yours!

In order to display the depth of Kannappa's devotion, once Lord Shiva enacted a divine drama. When Kannappa came to worship the Lord in his usual rudimentary fashion, he saw that one of the eyes of the idol were missing. Kannappa was such a simple man, he could no think of fancy things. He cried bitterly at the sight of his Lord's missing eye. "Why my dearest Lord has to suffer like this?" he thought. I must make Him whole immediately. [What a contrast. Ordinary humans would want God to heal them but here this devotee wanted to heal God Himself!]

Kannappa was so disappointed to see God's condition that he immediately took a knife and plucked out his own eye and placed it in place of the idol's eye.

The Lord continued with the test, however, and Kannappa's saw that the Lord's second eye was broken too. What was he to do? He wanted to offer his second eye to the God but if he were to remove his second eye, how would he know where to place it?

To solve this problem, Kannappa placed his shoe at the very spot where the Lord's second eye was and he used his slippers as an indigenous marker.

Then, he plucked out his second eye as well and placed it at the very spot where the Lord's second eye had broken. Now, Kannappa, though blind started dancing in ecstasy thinking that he had healed the Lord's two eyes. Such was his simple devotion!

Immediately, the Lord appeared to bless His true devotee and restored his eyes miraculously. The empty eye sockets were filled with a new set of eyes.

When Kannappa could see, He was shocked to see the Lord of his heart standing in a physical form. Shiva blessed him with many divine blessings and also granted him immortality and an eternal place at the feet of Lord Shiva at Kailasha.

The priests who were watching this divine drama unfold were shocked to witness the child-like faith of Bhakta Kannappa. They repented for their biased behavior and gave up the pride that had engulfed them.

Venkusa's damaged eyes reappear

It is said that Venkusa, who was a devotee of Lord Venkateshwara was once travelling in a deep forest. Venkusa was a very pure-hearted devotee who could not entertain any evil thought. As he was walking past the forest he accidentally saw a young woman. Venkusa was not willing to leave any worldly imprint on his pure mind.

He turned around and immediately returned to his shrine. At the shrine, Venkusa cried in the most heartbroken manner even though he had done no wrong. Yet, Venkusa could not forgive himself even though the Lord assured Him that he had done nothing wrong. He immediately pierced his eyes and gave up his vision so he could not see anything except the Lord from thereon.

The Lord was impressed with his one-pointed devotion and appeared at the scene immediately. He blessed Venkusa, restored his eyesight, and made him whole in a trice.

It is claimed that this very devotee Venkusa went on to become a great self-enlightened guru who had the opportunity to serve none other than Shirdi Sainath.

Can amputated hands re-grow on their own? Can empty eye sockets be restored with a fresh pair of eyes? Is it possible to correct a painful knee condition instantly?

In all these instances, it is God who acted to benefit His devotees and performed what appear to be impossible miracles.

The truth is that nothing is impossible for God. If we cry out to Him with true faith and devotion, even once, there is nothing He won't do to make us happy.

Magic At Sai's Feet
By The Sai Sandesh Team
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Living with Baba is the equivalent of experiencing a constant stream of miracles. Every Sai devotee will have innumerable experiences where Sai intervened in life's turbulent events and showed His divine mercy by protecting and granting help in most unexpected ways.

Storm quelled at Baba's command

"Stop! Calm your fury," roared Shirdi Sai one night as ferocious storms swept across the hamlet of Shirdi and thousands came running to seek refuge at Sai's feet. Within seconds, the storm calmed down and the villagers were relived of the menace that threatened to destroy their lives. Yet, Baba's simple words quelled the fury of the mighty storm in just seconds. It was as if the storm was Sai's obedient servant.

Baba orders the building to stop falling and it obeys

There were innumerable instances where Baba exhibited his majestic powers. Once, some devotees were having their meals at Dwarakamai, the abode of Sai, when suddenly Baba looked at the ceiling and said, "WAIT!" None understood why Baba was scolding an inert ceiling. As people were thus wondering, Baba asked them to eat peacefully and take heir own sweet time to enjoy their lunch. As they finished their lunch, Baba asked everyone to clear out of Dwarakamai. The devotees never questioned Baba and implicitly obeyed. As soon as everyone stepped out, the ceiling burst open and came crumbling down in a huge torrent. All the supporting beams that were holding the ceiling came crumbling down. Their sheer weight would have been enough to crush all of them had Baba not intervened.

It was then that they realized why Baba had uttered the mystical "WAIT!" Even an inert ceiling had obeyed Baba's command. There is always a deep significance to Baba's words and actions which we can never comprehend in the short term. Only time reveals their importance.

Sai Wisdom
Thought For The Day: Prashanti Nilayam, Jan 16, 2013
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The Lord is a Mountain of Love. Any number of ants carrying away particles of sweetness cannot exhaust His plenty. He is an Ocean of Mercy without a limiting shore. And devotion is the easiest way to win His Grace and also to realize that He pervades everything; in fact, He is everything! Sharanagathi (total surrender) or leaving everything to His Will, is the highest form of devotion. Devotion and the attitude of surrender, which is its final fruit, will give you great courage to meet any emergency; such courage is what is called Renunciation. When Devotion is just emerging as a sapling, a fence is needed to protect the tender plant. That fence is religion and its rules, restrictions, directions and commands.

Source: Thought For The Day, Prashanti Nilayam, Feb 01, 2013

Missing Receipt Found
By J. Riley
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During my last visit to the ashram in September 2000, I was overcome by the heat and desperate to return home. On the morning of our departure, I asked one of my companions, Arthur, to book a comfortable air conditioned taxi to pick us up at 3pm. The taxi was late and as we were standing waiting the Seva Dal, an elderly gentleman, asked to see our receipts, which he claimed that we received on our arrival.

My 2 companions found theirs but search as I may there was no trace of mine even after emptying my case completely.

The gentleman explained that we couldn't leave until I found the receipt. Eventually he gave us permission to leave in the waiting taxi, which was in a severely dilapidated state.

We were very late with the likelihood of missing the plane at Bangalore Airport. I sat in the front passenger seat, fully expecting the gear lever to come out in the hand of the driver.

Just above my head was a sign saying 'Never Fear When I am Here', with a picture of Baba. We reached the airport with 30 minutes to spare and sat waiting for the delayed plane for at least another 30 minutes.

On arriving home, I opened my case and the missing receipt floated out and fluttered to the floor.

Your Sufferings Are Mine; I Will Even Give Up My Life For You
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When the child is in pain, does the mother enjoy her life? It may appear so to the child, but the mother constantly suffers in deep anguish and puts up a deceptive smile only to motivate the child and offer him strength. Her suffering is forever hidden from the child who knows NOTHING about the mother's heart. Baba has often said, "I bear the love of a thousand mothers."

If such be the case, can Baba enjoy while we, His, children suffer in anguish. Nay, it can never be.

Once, a devotee of Baba was crying at the thought of her child suffering from Bubos. When she approached Baba, the Divine Lord lifted His shirt. She was shocked to find four fully-grown Bubos on Baba's stomach. Indeed, Baba had taken away the suffering of the baby on Himself. Yet, He was not concerned. His only wish was the welfare of the young babe.

On another occasion, Baba was sitting by the fire when He suddenly thrust His hand into the fire for no apparent reason. It was only later that the devotees learnt that a blacksmiths wife had ignorantly dropped her child into the bellows. By the time she realized what had happened, Baba had saved the child at the cost of burning the Divine Hand.

In Parthi, a student of Sathya Sai Baba was a chronic asthmatic and would frequently suffer from severe attacks. Frustrated, he once put a piece of cloth around the nose of Swami's picture and said, "See how it feels." During the darshan, that day, Swami came straight to the boy and caught his hand firmly.
Almost immediately, the merciful Sainath took on Himself the devotee's asthma attack. Seeing his beloved Lord in pain, the young lad tried to free himself from
Sai's grip, but failed. Much to his relief, Baba resumed normal breathing within a few minutes and explained that what would have taken the lad almost two decades as a process of elimination of karma, could be mitigated in a matter of a few minutes if undergone by Divinity instead. True to these words, the boy never suffered from the debilitating attacks ever again.

On another occasion, a student in Prashanti Nilayam was crying because he was suffering from measles. Baba immediately took on the disease on Himself to rescue the lad.

With utmost happiness, divine embodiments go to great extents to make even the ultimate sacrifice for their devotees. It is said that Shirdi Sai Baba had predicted the death of his devotee, Tatya, in 1916. When the appointed hour came, Tatya became severely ill and was expected to die any moment, but events took a strange turn, and the Lord of Shirdi gave up His mortal form instead.

Not only would Baba be willing to give up His life, He would readily undergo the suffering associated with rebirth for our sake. In Shirdi, Baba was dining with a devotee when out of great motherly love, He asked the devotee what He wanted. The devotee reverently told Baba: "Swami, I want you to be with me in every birth, but not just in your astral form. Physically!" Baba immediately said "Tathastu!" (So Be It). How can His words ever be falsified? Baba indeed reincarnated as Sathya Sai Baba and has promised to do so one more time as Prema Sai Baba.

Conducive to our spiritual growth and catalyzing our progress toward God, what little pain we experience in our lives is really the leftover, condensed version, of our original destiny.

To Have Faith One Must Inquire, By M. Chugh
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Swami's divine plans are unfathomable and beyond our ability to intellectualize. He always knows what's good for us even if we feel it's against our will. Back in 2002, after spending two years in my first job, I moved to work with a large software development and consulting company in India. I worked at their Bombay office. Nine months after I had joined, I received my first opportunity to go overseas, to head a project in Singapore for few months.

I arrived in Singapore in mid January 2003 and was suppose to stay there for three months. While in India, I use to frequently attend Swami's Bhajans (Devotional singing) at the DharmaKshetra temple (Swami's official center and temple in Bombay, India). Upon my arrival in Singapore, I constantly kept thinking of how I would possibly find Swami's center in a foreign country so I could attend Bhajans.

Well, time went by, and I got extremely busy with the project. After a month, I finally found some time to send an email to a friend who was a long time devotee of Swami, to find out if she was aware of any Swami's centers in Singapore. Soon enough, I received a reply with a list which had all the Sai Centers in Singapore. Lo and behold, there was a center (called The Waterloo Street center) at a 10 minutes walking distance from the apartment building where I resided. Moreover, this center was managed by a group of local Chinese devotees and was considered to be very unique as compared to other centers that were run by Indian residents settled in Singapore. Another uniqueness of the Waterloo Street center was that it was in the basement of an old Shree Krishna temple that was built over 100 years ago in 1890.

The rest of my two months that I spent in Singapore visiting Swami's center at the Waterloo street were just magnificent and beyond any words to describe the experience. The positive energy and vibrations that I felt in my first visit and every other visit at that center were just hair-raising. The devotees (majority of them being local Chinese) sang the Bhajans and performed all center activities with tremendous exuberance and energy. Hearing them sing Swami's songs (which were in Sanskrit or Hindi language) with utmost accuracy and love would bring tears in many eyes. Such immense love and devotion for Swami was certainly recognized by Swami, by showing His miracle of Vibuthi (Holy ash) pouring unceasingly out from His pictures in several devotees homes.

Apart from the miracles I witnessed there, I met with an ardent and staunch devotee of Swami, whose life Swami had changed towards Him by making him glance at a line from one of His books. He was the principal of Shri Sathya Sai Kinder Garden School in a town in Singapore. Almost two decades back, he didn't believe in Swami, and used to turn down several opportunities of knowing about Him through some of his common friends who were Swami's devotees and use to talk to him about Swami. There were several occasions where he was invited to attend the soul inspiring Bhajans (devotional singing), that he use to refuse by saying "I don't have faith in Swami so what is the point in coming". Thus, saying "I don't have faith", he used to accompany his friends.

On one such occasion, his friends were visiting a book show that was organized within one of Swami's main centers in the city. Yet again, refusing to accompany his friends inside the book stall, he stood outside the temple while his friends went in to purchase Swami's books. While waiting outside, he kept looking around and inside the temple, where the books were arranged in shelves that were not too far from the temple's entrance. As he was gazing at the front covers of the books, suddenly a book's cover flew open with the slight breeze that blew, and his eyes were caught by a title that was written in bold letters "To Have Faith One Must Enquire". For a moment, he was just wonder struck after reading that line, as just few minutes ago he had refused his friends to enter the book stall as he didn't have faith in Swami. He felt as if Swami gave him a direct response to act.

That was it. The same moment he entered the temple and bought few books to learn more about Swami and His teachings. Several months went by and slowly and steadily developed more and more faith and started indulging in the center activities. 17 years later, which was the year in which I had met him, he had transformed to be a very close and humble devotee of Swami, and was asked by Swami Himself to run the Kinder Garden School in Singapore where he lived serving Swami. Jai Sai Ram!


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