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True Devotion Can Accomplish the Impossible

Swami says: “My palm holds the power to transform earth into sky, and sky into earth.” Swami's devotees, the world over, accept this statement as an undisputed truth, nay a gospel. Yet, when faced with difficulties, we become fearful and anxious. Swami's palm holds that much power, but who holds Swami in the heart? We devotees, don't we? Swami is the resident of our hearts, so if Swami can do anything, we devotees too can accomplish the impossible with His grace.

Don't just take my word; history is replete with examples of devotees being able to perform the most difficult of feats due to God's grace. During the Ramayana era, monkeys, by invoking the Lord's name, could make rocks float on water and build a bridge of floating rocks across an entire ocean. If apes had that much faith in God's name, can't we humans do much better?

Mother Mirabai was, once, under the guise of consecrated food, served poisoned pudding. With firm faith in God's name and an intense devotional fervor, she devoured the pudding. Lo and behold, the pudding was instantly transformed into divine ambrosia, much to the disappointment of her enemies.

One may contend that great saints are different and they are beyond the ordinary. Very true. Great saints are indeed a different genre, but true devotion transcends the illusory barrier of being a saint or sinner. Ask any Sai devotee about her/his experiences and each devotee will have their own book of experiences to narrate. These experiences demonstrate beyond doubt that Swami’s love transcends the labels of saints and sinners.

The author, during his student days in India, was once walking past a locked door. The day being a national holiday, the commercial business hosted in the premise was observing a holiday. From within, however, distinct cries of a trapped kitten could be heard. Unable to bear the moaning, and yet utterly helpless, the author stood at the gate, not knowing the way to save the kitten. Swami was very new in the author's life, and faith in Swami's divinity was not yet firmly rooted. The helplessness of an innocent soul, however, stirred a cry from the depths of the heart and Swami's grace was fervently invoked. Chanting Swami's name, the author touched the big lock that bolted the door. To his surprise, the lock opened in a snap and the door was made accessible to facilitate the rescue of the suffering soul.

God can do the impossible and He can work out a miracle if necessary. What is needed on our part is faith and patience.

Most of us believe in the power and glory of God, but lack the patience to await His response. We often give up hope half way or lose faith if there is a delay in His response. God answers every prayer, but His response manifests when He thinks the time is appropriate. Living in the day and age of fast foods and instant dinners, we have lost a very important virtue: patience. Patience is such a great virtue and if we back faith with patience, we can transcend the illusion of mortality and enter the gates of immortality. With Swami’s grace we can do the impossible. With such a powerful Lord on our side what is there to fear. The impossible will become possible in a moment.

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