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The Story Of Modern Man…

God said, “Child reach out for the skies.” Man said, “Nay, I shall build structures that shall accomplish that.” Lofty constructions sprang, but collapsed shortly, shattering man’s mighty ego. God asked, “Shall I help?” “No,” said man, in his arrogance, “I shall build mightier ones.” Trees thus disappeared and diseases grew.

The Lord said, “Accept my strength and be humble.”

Man said, “No, I shall build atomic weapons that will control your entire creation.” Weapons threatened to wipe out the entire human race, but man did not yield. God asked again, “Shall I use my powers to help?” “No,” said man, “I shall now turn to nuclear forces.” Darkness began to sway and fear gripped all.

God said, “Look inside and attain liberation. Inside you are all the treasures you seek.” Man said, “I shall send spaceships to fathom your entire cosmos.” The spaceships failed, and so did man’s ambition. God asked again, “Let me show you the way?” “Come on,” said man, “I know the way.” Anxiety now became the norm and man lost his sleep.

The Lord commanded: “Trade in the currency of LOVE.” Man said, “I have a better idea. I shall use “paper” as currency.” Money then became the root of all evil. Friends turned into foes and LOVE vanished.

God in his infinite compassion called yet again, “I love you. Let me show you how.” The ego rose and man said, “I know what to do. I shall now trade electronically.” Evil grew and trust was vanquished.

God said, “Let me reveal the secrets of my creation.”

“No,” said man, “Science knows.” Science then took charge and man’s unhappiness increased manifold. His own inventions, that were meant to be slaves, turned into masters—controlling man instead.

Man thus brought forth his own destruction. Realizing this, he wept and screamed, “Lord I don’t know the way. I am lost; please help.” Forthwith came the Lord’s hand, wiped his tears, and said, “Come my dearest, I shall give you all you seek and more.” Man finally said, “I surrender. All I need is you and the rest shall follow.” “Ah,” said God, “Now you really know.”

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