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The Love That You Seek

You grew as a child, seeking for love from elders and siblings, yet you felt the thirst for more. A hand came to you, saying, “I am God; I am the love you seek.” On seeing the hand you ran into your mother’s lap and said, “No, I am too young.”

As years went by, the child was transformed into an attractive youngster. The urge for true love made you seek the company of the opposite gender. The thorny path was full of miseries and disappointments. Yet again came God’s hand and the voice said, “I am the love you seek.” You refused and chose to be close to the bosom of your chosen beloved.

In a few years, you started a family that you thought was your own. Yet, the reality was far from your expectations. The love you showered on them was not reciprocated and your desire to be loved truly was not fulfilled. The patient Godhead came in again and said, “My child, I love you. Trust me.” This time you paid attention, but said, “My children are too young. They need me; I have to go.”

Decades rolled by and you constantly felt the need for true love. Your quest for love took you through unfulfilling relationships, and several heart-breaking journeys. You were used and abused, yet true love was nowhere to be found. Worst still, your once beautiful hair had now started turning gray. The loving Lord called again and said, “My child, I am still waiting for you. You have my unconditional love.” The wisdom-filled soul had now understood the meaning of life but was too weak to break the attachments that had been created over a lifetime. “Lord,” you replied, “I know you have come, yet, I cannot forget these innocent grandchildren of mine.” Let me enjoy with them for a few more years. I shall call you when I am ready.” The Lord smiled and said, “My love is unconditional and not possessive. If that is what you wish, then be it so. Yet, I will wait and be with you every moment.”

The gray hair now found company in the weakened body and noticeable wrinkles. As everyone went their way, you cried. “Lord, I have lost everything. They have all deserted me when I needed them most. All my life was spent in their care and yet none want to care for me.” The Lord smiled and said, “My child, all is not lost, for I am with thee. When none cares for you, I won’t abandon you so. You are my precious beloved and I shall care for thee.”

The eyes that barely saw were now filled with tears of joy and your feeble voice said, “In vain I tried to find love in this world, for the true love I sought has always been with me, you, my dear Lord. Now, that I have realized thus, I shall not forsake thee.” The Lord said, “Yes, my child, I have always been with you, and I am the love you seek. Not now, not ever, will I abandon thee.”

Friends, why wait? True love is waiting for you now, this very minute. It is own dear Lord…just look inside.

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