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Sai Sandesh                                                 Volume 5, Issue 9; Sept 2008

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Baba: I will Pull My Devotees out from the Jaws of Death

Sai Wisdom

Sadguru's Grace can Destroy all Karma 

How my Cousin Rupesh Recovered from Hepatic Comma

Baba Gives Balaji Darshan

Baba Saves a Three-Year-Old

The Power of Baba's Words

Why Fear When I am Here?

Power Restored Miraculously

How Baba assumed 1400 Forms

Baba: "I will Pull My Devotees out from the Jaws of Death"
By The Sai Sandesh Team
In the Sai Satcharita, Baba has made a profound declaration: "I will pull my devotees out from the jaws of death." Who except the Lord Himself can make a statement of such significance. Baba has proven the efficacy and truthfulness of His words time and again, and continues to do so even today.

The author, too, was saved from many life-threatening accidents. One that quickly comes to mind was a time when the author was walking past a very narrow street in New York. He accidentally slipped and fell flat on his back.

The width of the already narrow street was mostly taken up by the fallen body; so much so that no vehicle could pass through except by running over him. Just then, the lights turned green at the opposite intersection and a green sports car came rushing toward at lightning speed. There wasn't enough time to get up and prevent the accident so he just started chanting Baba's name.

He closed his eyes and awaited what he perceived to be his last moment on earth. Baba's name, however, worked out a miracle and when the author opened his eyes, the vehicle had somehow passed on the other side of his body and he was unhurt-unscratched. In the words of eye witnesses, it was nothing short of a miracle and they, too, failed to grasp how it happened.

On another occasion, a devotee of Baba from Andhra Pradesh was diagnosed with a fatal heart ailment. Sai appeared to the already despondent devotee and revealed the date and time of departure.

Feeling helpless in the hands of destiny, he had no choice but to follow Sai's instructions regarding prayers and naama smarana. On the fateful day, he gathered friends and well-wishers to engage in ceaseless prayers.

At the allotted time, exactly as forewarned by Baba, the devotee lost his consciousness and fell to the ground. Doctors present on the occasion declared that the life force had been ebbed away from his body.

The family members, however, continued their prayers with full faith and determination. Just then, a miracle happened and, much to the delight of his well wishers and the amazement of doctors, the devotee slowly started regaining his consciousness. When he was fully awake he explained how

Baba had returned his life in response to the sincere prayers of His devotees.

On another occasion, the same person was asked to undergo a major surgery. While he was lying on his bed, an almost thunder-like white light emanated from Baba's picture and pierced through his heart. The next morning, he found stitches at exactly the place through which the light had entered. It was then that he realized that Baba had performed an operation in the wink of an eye and the ailment had been cured miraculously.

In both Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai incarnations, Baba has rescued his devotees from dangers and has resurrected even dead people on several occasions.

There are documented incidences where Swami has brought back to life a devotee who was already declared dead. What is impossible for the one who created the entire universe. Didn't Jesus of Nazareth resurrect Lazarus in response to the sincere pleas of his devotees?

Such is the power of Sai. He will never refuse a sincere prayer, never fail to respond to a sincere call, and never disappoint sincere devotion.

What is wanted on our part is shraddha (faith) and saburi (patience). Once these two qualities are cultivated, even the impossible will happen effortlessly.
Divine Wisdom
Dharma (righteousness) is the foundation for the welfare of humanity, it is the eternal truth. When the effulgence of Dharma fails to illumine human relationships, mankind will become enveloped in the darkness of sorrow. Man must dedicate himself to Dharma so that he may live in peace and the world may also enjoy peace. He cannot acquire lasting peace nor can he win the grace of God through any means other than by leading a Dharmic life. -- Baba

Thought for the Day, Prashanti Nilayam, Sept. 01, 2008
Sadguru's Grace can Destroy all Karmas
The Sai Sandesh Team
It is said that even a mere glance from the compassionate eyes of a sadguru (perfect master) is sufficient to destroy mountains of sins. When one surrenders to such a master, the journey of life runs smoothly, as if on auto pilot. There is nothing for the individual soul to do then, for the divine grace of the sadguru ferries the devotee across life's journey and finally merges the individual soul with Supreme Consciousness.

During the Shirdi Sai incarnation, a devotee of Baba suffered from intense pain due to guinea worms. The pain was excruciating to the extent that the devotee preferred death instead. Unable to withstand the pain, he sent a word to Baba requesting the transfer of his karma to ten future births.

The merciful Baba, however, responded by saying, "Why ten births; I will work out his karmic load within ten days. When I am here, why should he pray for death or future births?" True to Baba's words, the devotee was miraculously cured within the promised period of ten days.

Karmic consequences, no matter how unalterable, cannot withstand a sadguru's sankalpa (divine will) and even the writ of God can be overwritten if the sadguru so decides. The Guru Charitra provides several instances where devotees' life events were altered due to the guru's grace.

The holy book provides the account of a devotee who was to pass away at the age of thirty but in response to his wife's intense prayer, the guru increased his lifespan to a period of hundred years. There is also the story of Sage Markandeya, who was to die at the age of sixteen. The lad, however, performed intense penance and resorted to the feet of the all-powerful Lord Shiva and due to Shiva's grace he was granted immortality.

A sadguru's grace can not only benefit us in this life, it can also arrest the future cycle of births and deaths and grant us liberation. When Ramana Maharshi's mother was on her deathbed, the sage placed his blessing hand on her head and heart. Due to this act of grace, she was able to undergo all her karmic load within those last moments as opposed to several lifetimes. The end result was that she was liberated within that short period of time, a miniature journey as a substitute for what could have been hundreds or even thousands of years.

Guru Thirupalluvar, while at his deathbed, instructed Elela Surya that after the samadhi the disciple should pull the body with a rope and drag it across the village. The devotee was shocked to hear this order but knew that implicit obedience was the best course of action for any disciple.

After the master's death, the disciple dragged his body across the village. The villagers were disgusted to see this behavior and threw stones at him. Despite the blood and pain, with tear-filled eyes, the devotee continued dragging his master's body for three full days. Finally, at the end of three days he turned around to look at the master's body and was horrified to see the torn remains of his beloved master. The scene was unbearable for him and he died immediately. Why did the guru instruct his disciple in this manner?

The master had foreseen that the disciple, due to karmic forces, was to be reborn in a fallen state for three subsequent births. By making the disciple adopt this course of action, karmas that would otherwise take three births were exhausted within a short span of three days and the disciple was liberated. So powerful is the sankalpa of a sadguru. Why humans, even animals can secure such grace and be freed from misery. Shirdi Sai Baba, for instance, granted liberation to a tiger. Ramana Maharshi, too, liberated his cow, Lakshmi, in the same manner.

All that is wanted on our part is faith and patience and then the Divine Master Sai will surely take care of all else. To summarize it in Baba's own words: "Why fear when I am here?"
How my Cousin Rupesh Recovered from Hepatic Comma
Rupesh, a cousin of mine, slipped into a dangerous and life-threatening condition: Hepatic Comma. After being comatose for nearly 72 hours, his prognosis was not very good as one after the other, all his vital organs had started failing. A team of reputed medical experts at Kothari Hospital, Mumbai, were of the opinion that the patient would pass away at any minute. This was very unfortunate for someone who was barely 22 and hadn't even started living his life yet.

The tragedy was something no one could have foreseen and the entire family was devastated beyond description. More experts were called in but all were of the same opinion: "Medically, there is no hope. Only God can work out a miracle." Fortunately, a devotee of Baba had just returned from Shirdi and when he heard about the calamity, he rushed to the hospital with a packet of Baba's vibhuti. Vibhuti was applied to the patient's forehead and intense prayers were offered to Swami, not just by the family but also by the patient's family doctor (who also happened to be Baba's long-time devotee).

The very next morning, Rupesh woke up from the slumber, refreshed and energized, as if nothing had ever happened. The medical team was astounded to witness the miracle, but the devotees knew who had worked out the impossible. Such are the leelas of our beloved Sai. All He needs is a sheartfelt plea, a sincere call -- a call He can never ever resist.
Baba Gives Balaji Darshan
By The Sai Sandesh Team
The Archakas of Tirupati have the habit of looking at the feet of Balaji Bhagwan and taking Padanamaskar before Suprabhatam (where God is woken up). They open their eyes only after this procedure. One of the senior most archakas suddenly had a feeling one day that even after having served the Lord for 40 years, he was not fortunate enough to have his darshan. He prayed emotionally that if he had been sincere in his duty towards the lord, then the Lord must some day grant His darshan.

The next day, as usual when the archakas went into the sanctum sanctorum for padanamaskar, the senior most archaka went in first. As he reached for the feet of the idol, his hands could feel the moist feet of a human body. As he reached for the feet again and again, the same thing happened. He called out to the other Archakas and told them his experience. The other archakas too experienced the same warmth. For a moment the archakas got agitated and felt that some miscreant would be standing there but who could be so insolent to stand on the lord's idol and that too when the sanctorum was thoroughly checked before being locked. Who could it be? Was it an illusion?.. Just that moment the archaka remembered the prayer that came out of him the day before. A thought flashed through his mind.....Was it the Lord himself?

He hurriedly removed the covering and opened his eyes. What he saw shocked him. He gave out a shriek, hearing which the other archakas also removed their coverings and opened their eyes. A sense of disbelief went through them on what they saw. The idol was gone and Sri Satya Sai Baba was standing in its place. Baba was standing in Chatur Bhuja form (with four arms). Baba was smiling. He looked at the senior most archaka and said--"You wanted to see me. I am here. What do you want?" The archaka was stunned and asked --"When did I ask to see you? In fact, I asked for darshan of my Lord Sri Balaji." Baba replied --"I am your Lord Sri Balaji." Taken aback by this reply the archakas asked again--"How can you be Lord Balaji? You have always said You are Shiva-Shakti Swarupa. How then can you say you are Vaikunthathi-pathi Balaji?" Baba softly replied--"All are one, my dear children. God is one. He manifests in different forms and man worships the form to which he is most attached. All faiths are paths leading to the same goal. Why then do you see the difference?" Baba spoke again--"I have come not to disturb any faith but to confirm everyone in his own faith. I respond to everyone with whatever name you call me. You wanted to see the Lord in form of Balaji and so here I am to fulfill your wish." So saying Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba dissappeared and the idol of Bhagwan Balaji was back in its place. Silence prevailed for some time. Later the archakas handed over the administration of the temple temporarily to their juniors and rushed to Puttaparthy.

The next day the they were made to sit in front and as Bhagwan Baba came out for darshan, they sat with eyes glued at Him. As Baba came nearer, their hearts leapt in excitement. Baba maintained a little distance from them, looked sharply in their eyes, and asked --"Today how have you broken the tradition. Every day morning, you look first at my feet and then at my physical frame. Today you are looking at my face first without even taking padnamaskar." As the archakas heard this, they fell at Baba's feet.
Baba Saves a Three-Year-Old
By The Editor, Sai Sandesh
A little child, all of three, was a staunch devotee of Baba. While thousands of devotees would flock to Shirdi in pursuit of material benefits, this little girl would ask Baba for merely a rupee. That was all she wanted and to persuade Baba, she would in sweet and melodious tones address her beloved Lord as mama (maternal uncle).

Baba, too, would play with her and push her off by saying, "This rupee is not your father's property." The child would insist on collecting her rupee, however, and Baba would give in with a big smile. With a sense of accomplishment, the child would then happily run away to her mother. She knew nothing about her mama's greatness but with childlike innocence, she would rush to Baba for all her needs.

Once, it so happened that the girl was found missing. A frantic search was made throughout the Shirdi village and all were at a loss when she couldn't be found. What could have happened to the innocent child? Just then, someone suggested searching near the well and all hearts started pounding at the very thought of what could happen to an innocent child near the well.

When they rushed there, everyone was surprised to find her suspended in mid-air. She was floating in the air as if an invisible force was cradling her mid-air. The local youngsters immediately pulled her out to safety. It was then discovered that the child had accidentally fallen into the well but just before slipping, she had called out her mama's (Baba) name. How could Baba remain indifferent? He miraculously rescued His little devotee and saved her from what could have been sure death. And look at the child's tender, but sincere devotion. When any other child would call out for parents or relatives, she reached out to none other than the Lord Himself.

Much to the delight of everyone, the very next day she was back in Baba's lap asking for the same rupee again. How wonderful is this bond between Baba and His devotees. With each, a special and very unique relationship.
The Power of Baba's Words
Nature is nothing but the manifestation of a minute fraction of God's infinite glory, and billions of ever-expanding universes are mere atoms when compared to the all-powerful Lord. When such a powerful Lord commands His creation on a course of action, it cannot but fulfill that order with all humility and reverence.

The might and majesty of an avatar cannot be comprehended by human intelligence; it can only be experienced. During their physical incarnation, avatars perform countless deeds that are considered miracles in the mortal realm, but in reality they are visible manifestations of divine sankalpa (will). This will is so powerful it can alter even the writ of providence and, when necessary, overrule otherwise unalterable cosmic laws.

The warmth of sincere devotion can melt God's butter-soft heart in an instant, and in response to a devotee's plea the Lord becomes like a servitor, willing to extend any service possible.

When the call is sincere, He will alter even destiny and rescue devotees from sorrow. This has been the experience of innumerable devotees.

Once, a mother-in-law was fortunate enough to experience this grace. She was a pious lady who had a big family with many sons and daughter-in-laws. Despite experiencing all forms of happiness, she was not at peace, for none of her children were able to become parents. She visited Puttaparthi with utmost reverence and placed her sorrow at the feet of the Lord of Parthi. He heard her request with compassion but explained that none of her family members were destined to become parents-that was their fate.

She was disheartened but she firmly held Sai's feet and with tear-filled eyes begged Him to intercede. Swami was moved and asked if she believed in Him. She calmly said that His will was supreme and that He could alter destiny itself, if He so willed. Swami was touched by her faith and blessed her. The following year, she came with beautiful grand children.

During the Shirdi Sai Avatar, a devotee brought several seeds to Shirdi. It was his intense desire to plant trees near Dwarakamai. Baba was reluctant, however, and refused to accede. As time passed, the seeds dried and became incapable of germinating. The devotee was unable to bear his beloved Sai's refusal. Day and night, he was suffering in

anguish. Sainath was unable to see His devotee suffer in this manner and called him to His presence. Baba asked him to quit worrying and also ordered him to plant the dried seeds with faith. He declared that even though the seeds had dried, they would germinate into beautiful plants-and they did. During another instance, Baba's devotee, Shama, was bitten by a snake.

Frightened by the imminent danger, Shama immediately rushed to His beloved Sai who uttered the following words: "Oh vile bhaturdya (priest), do not climb up. Beware if you do so. Go get away, come down." Shama was disheartened to think that the words were uttered at him, but in reality they were Sai's antidote to the poison. It was a direct command ordering the poison to stop rising. Shama recovered completely.

On another occasion, Shirdi witnessed a terrifying storm that threatened to devour the entire village. All its inhabitants rushed to their beloved Lord Sai, who in His utmost mercy came to their rescue. His simple words, "Oh, stop; calm your fury," were sufficient to quell the furious storm in moments.

God is so merciful, He cannot but run for His devotees. He is like the hard-working mother who is always busy performing routine household-in His case, cosmic-duties. Despite her burdens, the mother always provides for the children's needs and keeps a watchful eye on them. The children may not know or realize this.

When they are safe or at play, she continues performing her chores, but if a child starts crying inconsolably, she will leave everything and run to console her darling. Similarly, God, who bears the love of a thousand mothers, rushes to respond to His children's calls. His simple words will allay all fears and fulfill devotees' wishes.
Why Fear when I am Here?
An old knee injury had resulted in a serious tear of my left knee's cartilage (Meniscus). A surgery was recommended but due to some lapse at my end, I had not undergone the treatment. The excruciating pain from the injury relapsed after a period of ten years and I fell to the ground, unable to stand or move. It was almost as if I had lost one leg.

I wasn't covered under a health insurance plan and Sai's grace was the only insurance I could rely on. As I helplessly looked at Swami's picture, He diverted my eyes to a car sticker that had the picture of Shirdi Sai Baba with abhaya hasta mudra (the blessing hand gesture granting freedom from fear).

I could distinctly read what was written under the picture. The words were "Why fear when I am here."

As soon as I saw the sticker. a miracle happened and as I tried to stand back on my feet I did not experience the slightest pain or discomfort. I have been pain free ever since.

On another occasion, an elderly family who were worried about their health prospects were advised not to worry because Baba would always protect them. At first, the mother of the household did not have faith in these words and would constantly worry about the familyís safety.

One night, her husband developed a serious health problem and she panicked at the prospect of what could happen. She was quietly praying within her heart but did not know what steps were needed at the moment. Within moments, however, doctors came to her house even without her calling and she was relieved as they took over the patientís health and healed him from the dangerous condition. She then realized that Baba was indeed with her and that He was protecting her, always.

Millions of devotees across the world experience many such acts of protection and grace the moment they invoke Saiís name.

True to His words, Baba is ever-active in protecting His devotees. A sincere, heartfelt call cannot but melt His butter-soft heart.
Power Restored Miraculously
In 2005, there was a severe power failure during a hot summer evening. It was late at night and, much to our dismay, ours was the only apartment that was without power. We were concerned about temperature-sensitive medicines that were in our refrigerator, but despite our best efforts the power was not restored.

Our building superintendent did his best too, but was unsuccessful. Finally, after many hours of struggle, he decided to call an electrician the following day.

Before giving up, however, we invoked Baba from the bottom of our heart. Much to the amazement of our super, and to our delight, the power was miraculously restored the moment we sought Babaís assistance. Seeing this miracle, the super, too, was awestruck and even to this day he asks us to pray to Baba for his welfare. Strange are the ways of the Lord.
How Baba Assumed 1400 Forms
During a power failure, once Swami visited the student's hostel. 1400 students were living in that hostel and all stood obediently in front of their beloved Lord. In the darkness, Swami accosted one boy and said, "Atul, I have something for you. Don't tell anyone." Swami then placed a laddu in the boy's hand.

At that very moment the power was restored and when Atul looked around, he found all 1400 boys trying to hide something behind them. Such is the power of the Lord--incomprehensible, beyond the limited perceptions of human understanding.

In a trice the Lord had manifested Himself to all 1400 students. In the Krishna Avatar, too, God had performed a similar leela by assuming numerous forms, one for each gopi.

In the present incarnation as Sai, He continues to perform mind boggling miracles for the delight of his devotees.
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