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Easwaramma: The Divine Mother

Every year May 6th is celebrated as Easwaramma day to commemorate the anniversary of Easwaramma, the mother of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  Mother Easwaramma left her mortal coil on May 6th 1972.  The name Easwaramma means (Image Credit: the  mother of Easwara.  This name was given to her by her father-in-law, Kondama Raju (Swami’s grandfather).        

Easwaramma day is celebrated as children’s day, in honor of her immense compassion and love for children.  Easwaramma Day is also celebrated to propagate the glory of motherhood.  Swami in one of his divine discourses narrated an incident to describe her love for children.1 In summer, students used to attend summer classes from various states and countries.  Gokak, who used to conduct the classes, was a strict disciplinarian.  One day, the students were having lunch in the dining hall. One of the boys got up and went outside before others could finish their meals. Gokak, who watched this through the window, called him and chided him for his act of indiscipline. "When your fellow students are having their food, you should not get up in the middle even though you have completed your meals.  It is equal to insulting them." Saying so, Gokak suspended him from the classes. The boy was in tears, but Gokak was not moved.

The boy came to mother Easwaramma's room, fell at her feet and started crying.  He told her about the harsh punishment meted out to him by Gokak.  He pleaded with her to come to his rescue.  Easwaramma consoled him and sent him away.  Later, she sat on the steps where Gokak would pass by.  After a while Gokak came there. She offered her Namaskar to him and he reciprocated the same most reverentially.  Then she said, "When I did Namaskar to you, you reciprocated the same.  In the same manner, if you punish others, you will be punished in return.  The boy out of his innocence has done a mistake. Please forgive him and allow him to attend the classes." Then Gokak replied, "Mother, if I forgive him, it would set a bad precedent for others.  Anyway, I will forgive him only for your sake."  In this manner, she would go out of her way to help and provide comfort and solace to others. Although Easwaramma did not have formal education, she conducted herself in an exemplary manner.  Easwaramma would tell everybody not to criticize others or hurt or make fun of others.  Easwaramma would say if you talk to others in a harsh manner, it will come back to you as a resound.

Mother Easwaramma had noble desires.  She requested Swami to build school, hospital, and provide drinking water to everyone in the village.  Before Easwaramma passed away, Swami fulfilled all her three wishes. 

Here’s how Swami describes the last few hours before Easwaramma passed away.  “The summer classes were on at Bangalore.  In the morning at 7 am, breakfast had to be served to the students.  They went round with Nagara Sankeerthan (street singing of spirituals) and returned at 6 am.  I gave them darshan (audience) at its close.  Then, I went for my bath.  Meanwhile, Eswaramma had finished her bath; she drank her coffee as usual quite happily and took her seat on the inner verandah.  All of a sudden proceeding to the bathroom, she cried out, "Swami, Swami, Swami," thrice.  At this, I responded, "Coming, coming."  Within that period, she breathed her last. What greater sign of goodness is needed? She had no need to be served and nursed.”  “From the ground floor, she called, "Swami! Swami!". I replied, "Coming, coming" and she was gone. It was like the elephant's calling and the Lord proceeding to bless; the two wires achieving connection, the release happening instantaneously.” 

Even after about 30 years of her passing away, Swami says that Easwaramma continues to express her motherly concern in numerous ways.  At times, Easwaramma makes appearances in Swami’s room.  One day Swami asked the boys for a belt to hold the silk dhoti around His waist.  But the belt had a shining buckle and Swami did not want to use it.  A few days later, Easwaramma came to Swami’s room early in the morning and gave a belt without a buckle.  The boys who sleep in Swami’s room heard some conversation and woke up and wondered how anybody could enter Swami’s room when everything was locked.  This is one such incident.

Swami says that there are many noble mothers in this world, but Easwaramma was the chosen one.  “I chose her to be my mother.  That is the intimate relationship between Mother Easwaramma and myself.”

1. Love and Respect your Parents and Sanctify Your Life.  Text of the Divine Discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on May 6,,2003 in Sai Ramesh Hall, Brindavan, Bangalore.

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